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The Top 8 Natural Attractions in Delaware

The Top 8 Natural Attractions in Delaware

Delaware is fast becoming one of the leading tourist destinations in the country. The state was nicknamed “Small Wonder” for many years because of the beautiful scenery and natural wonders. Your experience in Delaware depends on the towns and cities that you visit. If you want to bask in the best beaches in the state, you should visit Sussex County. To view the breathtaking rocky outcrops and hills, organize a trip to New Castle County. Hills and beaches are just two of the natural sceneries you can enjoy in the state. Here are the top natural wonders that you must see when visiting Delaware.

1. The Great Cypress Swamp

The Swamp is also referred to as the Big Cypress Swamp or the Great Pocomoke Swamp. It is located on the Delmarva Peninsula in the southern part of Delaware. The forested freshwater swamp was the largest continuous forest in the region by 2000. The Swamp covers 50 square miles and is the source of the Pocomoke River. Its northern part consists of bald cypress trees. In addition to the green forest and flowing rivers, the Swamp is home to more than 70 rare species of birds. You will enjoy the beautiful sight of an extensive green forest and the sound of hundreds of hummingbirds.

2. Rivers and Creeks

Delaware is a great destination if you love the sound and sight of flowing water. The state has 27 official rivers and creeks. One of the scenic rivers that are a must-see is the White Clay Creek, which is located in the northern part of Delaware. Other rivers with outstanding scenery include Nanticoke, Delaware, and Brandywine. You can enjoy various activities on some of the rivers include canoeing and kayaking.

If you are new to the state, you will need river maps to navigate the waters. If you are tired of Delaware River maps made of paper, you can now get the Paddle Partner app. You may lose your paper map or it may get torn along the way. The app gives you directions along the river both online and offline. You do not need a signal on your phone to use it.

3. Quiet Ponds

You can shift from rushing waters to quiet waters in the state. Delaware has more than 40 small ponds. Some of the ponds are natural while some are remnants of mills. You can enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery for days by visiting or camping near ponds. It is a perfect get-away from the noise and rush found in the urban areas. The State of Delaware manages the quiet ponds and allows fishing activities. Some of the fish species in the waters include largemouth bass and bluegill.

4. Inland Bays and Beaches

For many people, a holiday is not complete until they lie on sunny beaches for hours. The Atlantic Ocean coast in Delaware is just 24 miles long. You can have a great experience at the small beaches. However, the Delaware River and Bay provide an additional 90 miles of coast. The sandy bay beaches stretch from the Cape Henlopen State Park all the way to Woodland Beach. While enjoying the inland beaches, you can enhance the experience by navigating the Delaware River. The top inland bays that you must visit in Delaware include Little Assawoman Bay, Rehoboth Bay, and Indian River Bay. The inland bays are between three and eight feet deep.

5. Forests

In addition to the extensive swamp forest in the Delmarva Peninsula, the state has other forests that you can explore. The three major forests cover about 30 square miles and include Redden Forest located near Georgetown, Blackbird Forest near Smyrna, and Taber Forest, which is located near Harrington. The forests consist mostly of hardwood trees. You may not cover much distance through the forests on foot, but you will enjoy the sights. Some tourists prefer taking horse rides through the forests for a better experience. The three major forests have recreational activities that you can explore including hiking and in-season hunting.

6. Rolling Hills and Rocky Outcrops

The northern part of Delaware has rolling hills that are about 400 feet above sea level. Hiking up the rolling hills is not just an adventurous activity but also a great way to exercise on your holiday. The vegetation and forests that cover the rolling hills add to the beauty and serenity of northern Delaware. The historic rocky outcrops in the region may interest you more. They were said to have formed between half a billion and 1.2 billion years ago. The outcrops have attracted tourists from all over the world for years, especially history lovers.

7. Grasslands

The beauty of visiting of Delaware is that each region has different natural features and vegetation cover. You do not get the same features in all leading destinations. The top natural wonders in the state include the upland grasslands. The grasslands are mostly located along the boundaries between natural forests and the developed land. You can view a wide stretch of rough fields and grasslands. The grasslands are a natural habitat for different species of songbirds, foxes, quails, and pheasants. You may see some of these animals depending on the time of day that you visit the area.

8. Salt Marshes

You may notice a strange smell as you drive along Route 1 in the southern part of Delaware State. The smell comes from the extensive salt marshes in the region. The largest salt marshes are located near Delaware Bay. The marshes are considered to be the wildest part of Delaware. You can view wildlife and birds as you explore the marshes and other parts of the Delaware Bay Coast.


One visit to Delaware is not enough to explore all the natural wonders in the state. You have many sites to visit from the extensive forests and rolling hills, to the Great Swamp, inland bays and beaches, rivers, and quiet ponds. Most of the natural features and animal species are unique to Delaware. In addition to the breathtaking sceneries, you can enjoy tons of recreational activities in each destination. If you are currently thinking about taking a vacation, consider visiting Delaware.

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