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Why Camping Can Actually Be Romantic

Planning romantic getaways can be difficult, especially when you take the price of hotels, accommodation and catering into account. If you’re on a budget but still want to spend time away with your partner, then camping is a great option. A pitch on a campsite can be bought on some sites from as little as $10 a night. As for all the accessories you’ll need, it’s up to you how luxurious you want to make the weekend, so you can control how much you want to spend. Whilst viewed as a traditional family vacation, it’s perfectly possible for camping to be the romantic weekend you’ve always dreamed of.

Quality Time

A key issue with modern relationships can be busy schedules and a dependence on technology, due to our busy lives we spend more time with our gadgets than we do our loved ones. One of the best aspects to camping is the little contact you have with technology. Time away from your phones will allow both of you to spend more time with each other and learn things that you never knew. Choose a campsite in a good location for romantic activities such as walks along nature trails, caves to explore and a lake nearby for swimming or a beautiful view. Quality time together surrounded by the beauty of nature will ensure that every moment of the trip is filled with romance and love.


The natural world is beautiful, and what can be a more romantic weekend than star gazing with the one you love. The night sky in the forest or the country is much more vibrant, and the stars are brighter due to less pollution than the city, making for spectacular views and memories that you both will remember for a lifetime. When the nights get cold make sure to get back in the tent and cuddle all night. To conquer possible harsh weather conditions, the Coleman Sundome 3-person tent is a perfect option as it’s completely weatherproof, and won’t let the wind or rain ruin your romantic weekend.

Make it Luxurious

A common misconception about camping is that you have to get down and dirty. Whilst this is partly true – and for some people, very fun – your entire trip doesn’t have to revolve around staying true to nature. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, there are many items that you can bring with you to add a little luxury to the getaway. Little luxuries such as wine and fairy lights can be cheap to buy, but they will add no end of romance to the campsite, and nothing says romance like a bottle of wine with your significant other – especially around the campfire!

When you’re struggling to find a romantic weekend getaway, don’t just look at fancy hotels and tourist attractions, often a vacation will be much more romantic if you focus your time purely on being with each other – and nothing allows for that more than camping.


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