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Do You Know the Hidden Dangers of Unfiltered Water?

A walk through your local grocery store is often enough to dissuade you from buying bottled water. The price is sky high and with a perfectly good faucet in your home, why would you want to spend the month’s electric bill money on drinking water? You are absolutely right! Bottled water is not cost effective and sadly, many people don’t know there is a much cheaper and infinitely safer way to get all the clean, filtered water they can drink.

State-of-the-art water filtrations systems are available, and most can be easily installed as a quick and easy DIY project and a few tools you probably have laying around. Even so, you may still be wondering why anyone would want filtered water. After all, the water in their home is treated and the city assures them it’s safe. If you believe that, it’s time to explore some informative Water Filter Answers so that you will truly understand some of the hidden dangers of unfiltered water.

A Definite Danger to the Ecology

At the latest estimate, at least 50 billion plastic bottles of drinking water are sold in the United States annually because very few are made of glass anymore. Consider what all those plastic bottles are doing to the earth. Some families do recycle, but not nearly enough! They are not biodegradable and as such, are causing untold health hazards to our food chain and the ground water we all drink. Did you know that most city water contains chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, fertilizers, pesticides, dioxins, petrochemicals and even radioactive materials? Probably not, or you wouldn’t be drinking unfiltered municipal water.

Added Risk of Intestinal Diseases

Then there is the risk of gastrointestinal disease due to parasites found in some drinking water. Some cities don’t treat their water correctly and you will find pathogenic microorganisms in the tap water, but this is a problem usually specific to homes with well water. This is a bigger problem in third world countries, but it is becoming increasingly common here as well.

Mineral Deposits and Soap Scum

While not necessarily a ‘health hazard,’ mineral deposits and soap scum are a danger to the longevity of clothes and appliances. In fact, those minerals and soaps that come back up from the aquifer can also cause skin rashes, notwithstanding the fact that it can be hazardous to drink high levels of soaps often made with lye (sodium hydroxide). It’s no wonder unfiltered tap water can eat away at your skin!

So, here you have only a few of the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water, but they should be sufficient to help you understand the importance of installing a water filtration system at your earliest convenience. This is especially more important in homes with children, seniors and those with physical disabilities. These groups of people are all more susceptible to illness and should be protected at all costs. Whether you choose reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, or any of the other kinds of filtration systems, the key takeaway is that some kind of filtration is needed – and you need it now! It’s the only way to avoid these hidden dangers.

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