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The Fashionistas’ Guide to Budget Travel

Fashion and travel go hand-in-hand. Fashion bloggers have incentives to travel and to put their styling against the backdrops of scenery around the world. Travel bloggers have incentive to dress well to improve the quality of their photos. Fashion brands can add context to the narratives of their collections by choosing the right venue or location.


In short, travel and fashion are not interchangeable. If anything, you need one to complement and enhance the other. The only mistake you can make when it comes to travel as a fashionista is to assume you have to travel heavily, and to blow your budget to get the best photos.


Misconceptions About Fashionable Travel

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to fashionable travel. They are born from the many different ad campaigns and, of course, social media influencers who seem to have it all. The reality is that fashionable travel:


1.     Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

You can be a fashionista on a budget, and if your goal is to become a blogger yourself you might actually find your blog become quite successful. Most people cannot afford the extravagant lifestyles depicted in the now-recognizable “Instagram-model’s” feeds. By instead showing how you can look great, have fun, and travel on a modest budget you can inspire people around the world to do the same, while giving them the tools they need to actually do it.


2.    Doesn’t Need Excessive Amounts of Bags

The second misconception about fashion is that you need a massive wardrobe. What hundreds of items of clothes does, however, is it burdens you with choice. This means you will have likely never worn or worn a lot of your garments only once. This is not sustainable, nor fashionable. In fact, it often means you end up victim to trends you don’t actually like.

As a trial run to the minimalist wardrobe, try to put together a quality capsule wardrobe for your trip. You can bring a month’s worth of outfits into a single carry-on. The only difference is you need to be more creative with your styling and, of course, make a few visits to the local Laundromat while you are away.


Ways to Have a Great Time on a Budget

The second part of fashionable travel is going to luxurious destinations and enjoying great activities. The secret here is that you don’t need to book a hotel that costs thousands of dollars a night. You can instead:


1.     Go During the Low Season

Low season is, more or less, when school is in and the weather is slightly less than ideal. Go during April and early June, September to November, and January to March to enjoy better discounts and fewer crowds.


2.    Choose the Cheapest Flights by Day

Before, you used only to be able to compare flight prices by the provider. Now you can compare them by provider and day. You can save hundreds of dollars on your flight this way, simply by being a bit more flexible with your dates.


3.    Pack Lightly to Make Use of “Bare Minimum” Tickets

Many big airlines now offer bare minimum tickets that, essentially, mean you pay for the seat and nothing else. You are allowed only your carry-on and a personal item, and that’s it. Your seat will be up to a draw, and you may or may not have an in-flight meal (international flights, for example, often have to provide you with one by law).


4.    Find Cheap Hotels (and How to Budget Them Further)

You have likely by now know that hotel rooms have different prices depending on the site you are on. This is because hotel rooms will sell their rooms at a lower price if they are not being booked at full cost. Travel during the low season, and you can take advantage of huge discounts by simply comparing all the different prices for the same room on sites like Expedia. Take this one step further and look for Expedia hotel deals and coupons to further the discounts you can already enjoy.



Whether you enjoy posting photos of your outfits for fun or for an income doesn’t matter. You can take great photos anywhere, simply keep an eye out for fun, interesting backdrops and remember that candid photos are nearly always better than posed ones. The reason? You look like a real person! The only thing that is left from there is to follow this same guide in order to reduce the cost of travel and improve your styling abilities so that you can enjoy your trip and get more out of it every single time.

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