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The Dos and Don’ts of Ski Fashion

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ski Fashion

While skiing is still a high performance sport, it shouldn’t stop you from looking fabulous on the slopes. However, it’s very easy to commit a few faux pas that could raise a few eyebrows. In this article, we’re going to give you some do’s and don’ts of ski wear so you don’t end up making an embarrassment out of yourself.

Stay Away from Designer Ski Gear

For the love of God, make sure that you stay away from designer ski clothes at all costs. The first signal you will send if you do so is that you like the idea of skiing more than the activity itself. People will see you as a poser and will automatically lump you in with the fake skiers who book on Snowmass Vacations to spend more time sipping martinis at the base than actually skiing. The goal is to look like a pro skier, not a rich one.

If you’re going to choose ski wear, make sure you have functionality in mind first. Brands like Flylow and Icelandic sell great functional ski wear and they look great too. And you will get massive respect from other skiers once they see you wearing Flylow on the slopes. These brands focus more on performance than actually looking good, while some designer ski clothes might actually be horrible when it comes to actual functionality.

Always remember that the clothing you wear is going to take a considerable beating once you’re on the slopes. The last thing you want is to rip your $3000 Louis Vuitton trousers while going through the trees.

Go Crazy with the Goggles

If there’s one area where you can express your creativity, it’s with goggles. A nice set of goggles will really make your whole outfit stand out. Also, make sure that they fit your face properly. If you’re going to buy ski gear online, make sure that you try them in store first. Ill fitting goggles can be really uncomfortable, so it’s always better to try them before you pick a pair.

Don’t Wear Matching Tops and Bottoms

The best way to look like a complete geek on the slopes is by wearing a matching top and bottom outfit. We’ve all encountered the guy wearing blue and yellow stripes from head to toe. Nobody wants to be that guy. If you see a cool jacket with assorted pants, just pick one of the two. However, still try to stay within the same brand. You can have one of the elements stand out or go for solid colors.

Inspire Yourself from the Pros, but don’t Imitate Them

While you want to pattern your style after the pros, you don’t want to downright imitate them. Pro skiers are pretty much the top models of the skiing world and wearing pro gear when you’re on your behind half of the time will make you a laughing stock. The last thing you want to do is fall under the chairlift while looking like a Tom Wallisch wannabe.


Ski fashion is all about functionality and style. Make sure that you dress to impress skiers, not fashionistas. Also, make sure that you mix and match colors when it comes to your top and bottom. Don’t imitate pros skiers, but inspire yourself from their style instead. And last, but not least, don’t be afraid to make a statement with a great pair of goggles.

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