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Top Vacation Ideas for Those Who Want to Meet New People

For a lot of people, their ideal vacation is to get away from the busy crowds and tourists and escape to their own private spot. For others, it may be to integrate in the busy, vibrant life of a new place. If, for your next vacation, your aim is to meet new people, whether it’s romance you’re looking for, a new friend or simply to socialize more with a different variety of people, here are some great suggestions for how to do that.

A Fitness Retreat

If your goal is to integrate yourself with like-minded people who are at a specific location for the same reason as you, and that reason is fitness, then this sort of retreat is the perfect solution. Not only will you be treated to an idyllic getaway in a fantastic location, but you’ll be able to undergo a fitness bootcamp with others wanting to stay in shape, too, and hopefully you’ll be able to make some friends on your fitness journey.

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A Cruise

Being on board the same ship as other people way out to sea is one way of ensuring you meet new people with no room for escape! A cruise is a great opportunity to make new friends, as you have the option of freedom dining which means you can ask to be seated with others during mealtimes if you would prefer to mingle rather than be seated separately. The regular stops at ports also mean you have a chance to ask others if they would like to take excursions with you.

Or you might just bump into someone at the cruise bar and share a drink. With so much going on onboard a cruise, you’re bound to meet someone new.

A Coach Trip

This type of vacation sees you forced together with a certain bunch of people on one vehicle – which isn’t a bad thing if you’re aim is to meet new people. Especially if you’re travelling alone, a coach can be a great outlet because you may be seated next to someone else who is travelling alone. The coach environment also provides the perfect opportunity to strike up conversations whilst hitting the road, as well as the fact that all your excursions will be spent together.

Solo Travelling

It may sound counterproductive to travel alone if you’re trying to be more sociable, but solo travelling is a veritable way of forming new relationships. Solo travelling means you have to step out of your comfort zone and do everything for yourself. This sort of environment often pushes you to make more of an effort to speak to people, even if it’s simply to ask the locals for guidance or speak to fellow solo travelers in a hostel.

If you’re planning on dining out alone in restaurants or hitting the bars, then more often than not friendly people will recognize that you’re a solo traveler and reach out to speak with you.

You could also book group excursions and tours during your travels to ensure you don’t exclude yourself from others.

Of course, you should always judge your instinct and stay safe when travelling alone.

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