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How to Turn Your Love of Fashion into an Enterprise


Being at the forefront of fashion means owning a lot of clothes. Far too often it can end up meaning that what we own exceeds our closet space. If you are an influencer, this again means clothes are coming in with every new partnership. You can guarantee to wear everything once, and that may be all they are often looking for. If you are in a position where you have an excess of perfectly good quality clothing and no space for them you may want to consider a profitable solution such as setting up a store, be that online or a pop-up shop.


Create Your Brand

If you are already a fashion influencer, you have your brand. If you simply love buying clothes, you will need to make one. This means choosing a name to sell under and improving your engagement on social media through a better social media aesthetic and driving that engagement to your blog. Essentially by becoming a social media influencer, you can sell the items that you have that you no longer use.


Create Your Branding

Once you know who you are, it’s time to work on creating branding. Great branding is key for marketing, and you can achieve this right from the start with patience. Keep your design and your label simple and get custom labels printed. Ship your items with a custom tote and additions for the customer. There are so many ways that a great logo and great product packaging can help you increase sales, so take the time to get it right. If it is memorable and original, there is more chance of that person coming back.


Thrifted and Upcycling

If you are a firm believer in sustainable fashion and your favorite shop is your local Goodwill, it’s time to take it up a notch. By learning how to sew, you can upcycle pieces you don’t want and then sell them for a greater price. Not only can you advertise yourself as a sustainable brand, as your items were pre-loved and then remade, but you can also create new, interesting pieces from vintage styles.


Product Photography

Once you have your chosen pieces at the ready, it’s time to take photos of them. You will want to take photos of your pieces against a white background from the front, side, and back. Add a few detail shots as well. Before you go about selling these items, however, put them on and model them. By showing how the clothes look on you, you can more effectively sell what you own. By having a few different options in terms of outfit styling and backdrop, you can advertise your wares through social media right up until they are sold.


Selling what you already own is a great way to encourage consumers to be more environmentally conscious. You can create a following that will encourage customers to love their old clothes as much as they would new ones, furthering the garment’s lifecycle and allowing you to make some money in the process.




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