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Tips on How to Make Your Style More Unique



Fashion is an art form like any other in that as the years roll on, reflections on the past produce replications and reimagined pieces that breathe new life into historical style. As a result, as time goes on, more variety and acceptance of strange looks becomes the norm. While this is fantastic for showing that the world is becoming a more diverse and accepting place, it also makes it more challenging for someone’s personal style to shine through as unique and authentic. Here are a few helpful tips to transform your wardrobe into a bespoke set of pieces that are tailored to you and you alone.




It might sound counterintuitive to say that pre-existing fashion might be the gateway to discovering something new for yourself, but vintage pieces that are paired with newer ones and restyled for different purposes are excellent for making an outfit more unique. Depending on the store, some vintage items might be limited edition and therefore much more unique and unlikely to be seen worn by someone else. Buying second-hand clothing is also much better for the environment than encouraging the fashion industry to produce millions of new and often wasted pieces. Your garments will have had a life before you, adding mystery and intrigue to your outfits.




There’s no better way of bringing your own personality into your style than by customizing your clothes to suit yourself. You can turn a shirt into a skirt or some trousers into a dress with the right skills and machinery. If you aren’t confident in your sewing ability, cropping items and leaving a rough hem is an effective way of bringing your old pieces to life. You can find fabric paints to add your own flair or find somewhere that offers t-shirt and clothing printing to create something specific to you.


Out of Season


Fast fashion is an industry responsible for damaging the planet and polluting the environment. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep any items you already own. Pieces from previous seasons that really connected with you and your style don’t need to die out just because the fashion world has moved on. Go against the grain by keeping your old favorites and making them work for you. Just because that dress or those shoes are outdated doesn’t mean they’ve lost their style. And, if you must purchase something irresistible from a fast fashion brand, be sure to think twice and consider whether or not the item is truly something you need to elevate your unique style.




Magazines and social media make it difficult to ignore the onslaught of fashion propaganda that’s out there. Discovering your own style and sticking with it can be tricky at times since trends are so fleeting yet so compelling. Committing to your own style shows confidence and creativity. Of course, this doesn’t mean your style can’t evolve and grow over time. As long as you are confident and trust your fashion instincts, you’ll always look amazing.

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