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How To Choose A Great Looking Swimsuit For Summer 2018 That You Can Actually Be Active In!

>It may only be spring, but it won’t be long until the summer is upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about beach wear! Whether you live on the coast or are planning a great summer vacation, or you simply want to spend a lot of time by the pool in the warmer months, a great swimsuit (or five) is essential. Of course, there are countless articles out there about finding the right swimsuit to look good on your body type, or what the hottest swimsuit designs are for summer 2018, but what if you need swimsuits or bikinis that are for more than just looking good and catching a tan in?

If you want to swim a lot, or are interested in doing other active things on or near the water, such as water-skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, snorkelling, or jet-skiing, then you need a swimsuit you can trust to stay in place while you are moving your body, and which can also give the support you need, much as you would need to choose a good sports bra if you were doing any kind of physically demanding activity on land!

Here are some tips for selecting swimwear that will be practical as well as attractive, if you have an active summer planned this year!

Look For Racerback Styles

Halterneck string bikinis or one-piece swimsuits with a very low back can look flattering and be ideal for lounging by the pool or doing some light swimming, but if you want to do anything higher impact then the racerback style is the one you need to choose. This will mean you don’t have straps trying to slip off your shoulders as you move, or ties that you need to worry about coming undone. Racerback or cross-back styles also tend to offer better general support for your bust. Another, more cosmetic benefit to them is that the tan line you get will go down the middle of your upper back, which you can cover up if you have long hair.

If you don’t like racerbacks for whatever reason, a classic one-piece with a higher back or a bikini with a ‘bra’ style top can be the next best option. Alternatively, a tankini with hidden support and a vest style top will be a good choice. What you need to avoid are tube or bandeau styles, which offer no support at all, and halternecks. While halternecks look great and enhance your cleavage, and bandeaus give you the least issues in terms of tan lines, they are terrible choices for sport!

Make Sure Your Bust Is Fully Supported

Just as a bra that has decent underwiring and structure for everyday wear isn’t appropriate for sport, a bikini or swimsuit with some bra-type support still isn’t really adequate for anything more active than strolling on the beach or taking a dip in the pool. You should look for swimwear that compresses the bust and holds it in place, whether it is a bikini with a sports bra-style top or a swimsuit with sports level built-in support. There are some great options from brands that specialize in sports or activewear, such as Imperial Motion.

Because you are making the same demands on these pieces of swimwear as on sports bras, make sure you do get a chance to try on your swimwear before you try using it – whether by shopping in-store or by buying online with a view to returning it if the support isn’t perfect. This is a purchase that is designed to keep you comfortable and healthy, as well as looking good, so a slightly wrong fit is as serious as it is with a pair of running shoes, rather than something you might tolerate in a normal bikini or a tee.

Go For Sleek Designs

Another thing you may want to think about if you are being active is whether the design of your swimwear will actually affect your performance when you are doing your sport of choice. It may seem odd, but swimwear can create drag when you are in the water, and this can slow you down a lot! One-piece, sleek designs offer the best in terms of giving you an aerodynamic (or aquadynamic) silhouette because bikinis or things with cut-outs, frills, and other design elements can give you more places where water can flow over or inside edges and create drag. Swimsuits that offer all over support and hold your bust in place can also make your body more aerodynamic in general.

Consider Wetsuits and Rash Guards

If you plan to spend a good deal of your time in the water, for instance, you want to spend the summer learning to surf or spend your vacation diving, then you may need to consider something that will prevent you from getting cold – even when the weather is hot. People who spend a lot of time in the ocean also sometimes choose wetsuits or rash guards to protect their skin, both from the water and sun and from things like jellyfish and other stinging or irritating sea life. A shortie style wetsuit or a tankini bottom or shorts with a rash guard as a top can look cool, and also give you the best outfit to be active with. Another benefit to doing this instead of choosing sporty swimwear is that you can simply wear a fashion bikini in whatever style you like underneath and strip down to that when you just want to hang out on the beach!

If you like the idea of being active in your beachwear, you really need to put that first when you shop. However, there is nothing stopping you also buying some more trendy or sexy swimwear to use when you are not doing any sport and want to simply look great!

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