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Ten Summer Wardrobe Essentials for 2018


With the weather gradually improving and summer on the horizon, now is the time to start planning your wardrobe so that you can look and feel your best for this joyous time of the year. Summer is a highly fashionable season where there are all kinds of fabulous looks to incorporate whether you are in the office, out on the town or chilling on the beach on your summer vacation (get booking now!). So, put away that big winter jacket and those cozy jumpers and replace them with fresh, bright and summery items that are comfortable, practical and stylish. Here are a few key items and trends to add to your wardrobe:


Pastel Colors


Pastel colors are all the rage in women’s (and men’s!) fashion right now, and Spring/Summer is the perfect time to add these to your wardrobe, as they will keep you cool on those hot days and there are many elegant looks to try. Lilacs, pinks, yellows, greens, and blues are all pretty options and can look fantastic when combined together. Ice cream hues can be used for many different garments too, including blazers, one-shouldered dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.


Crayola Brights


Seeking something slightly bolder? Crayola colors are set to be a big trend this summer and a great way to make a statement. Think tomato red, emerald green and canary yellow for head-turning shades. Again, these colors can be incorporated in many different ways, but be sure that they compliment any other shades that you are wearing and do not go overboard with one color.




It is not just men who can have their fun with blazers during the warmer months of the year. Blazers can be a smart, stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe and a versatile garment which can be appropriate whether you are at work or in a bar at the weekend. They are ideal for times where you will be out late as they can keep you warm once the sun goes down (and you don’t have to borrow someone else’s!) Pastel colors and check designs are set to be the key looks this summer.


White Button-Up Shirt


A timeless classic, the white button-up shirt is an essential part of any summer wardrobe and a versatile item. It has connotations of being in the office, but it is actually a great way to add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit whether it is combined with jeans, a skirt or under a dress. It is also perfect for the hot weather where it can be light and breezy. It enhances your tan too!




Another item which can be used in both a smart and casual outfit, tunics are a great option as they have a relaxed fit and can easily be thrown on as another layer. Single shades work well for smarter occasions but look for patterns or designs like polka dot and floral for more fun, summery aesthetic. You can view preppy tunics here that are perfect for the upcoming season.


Breton Stripes


Breton striped shirts are a summer classic and one that you cannot go wrong with. The nautical style is synonymous with sunshine and is eye-catching but not over-the-top. There are many different variations of stripe and top style to consider, but all can be worn with jeans, shorts, trousers, etc.


Oversized Hoodie


Oversized hoodies were once sold as the garment of choice for lazing around the house on Sunday afternoons, but, fortunately, they are now in fashion! The athleisure trend continues to be popular, so add a sporty, oversized hoodie to your wardrobe – they are perfect for times that you are in a rush and casual evenings once the sun goes down (and still a great option for lazing around the house!).


White T-Shirt


A summer staple and timeless classic, the white t-shirt may not be the most exciting addition to your wardrobe, but it could be the most versatile. It looks fantastic with practically any outfit combination, including denim shorts, black pants, patterned skirts, and jeans. For this to really pop, the t-shirt should be fresh, crisp and bright, so buy a few new ones, and you will get good use out of them over the coming months. There is nothing sloppier than an old and/or stained white t-shirt, so make sure they are fresh and clean!


Midi Skirt


Midi skirts are a great option all year round, but it is the summer when they will complete your look. Elegant, chic and fun, midi skirts can make a bold statement and look fantastic with a range of different tops and shoes. Another reason to buy a midi skirt is that they will keep you comfortable no matter the weather as they can be breezy on hot days, but they are also warm in the evening.




An essential summer component that can complete an outfit (and protect your eyes!), it is vital that you find the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape for spring and summer. The best way to find the right pair will be to try various types on and ask a friend (and the shop owner) for their advice. Whether it is cat eye design or aviators, you are sure to get good usage out of them and bring a healthy dose of style to your summer wardrobe. It is worth spending money on a good pair, but, equally, if you are the type to lose glasses or sits on them then stick to the cheap ones!


Stocking up on these items will ensure that you are ready to turn heads and look your best-come spring and summer. There are a number of key new trends to consider, but there are also the summer staples which you cannot go wrong with, so it is a good idea to experiment with both. Summer can be a stylish time of year where there are lots of opportunities for socializing and showing off your own personal taste. You cannot go wrong with any of the above, many of which are versatile enough so that they can be worn at work, out on the town or on your summer vacation.

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