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4 Futuristic Style Trends that are Likely to Stay

The thing about fashion is that it keeps changing, but there are always some trends which never really seem to go out of style, irrespective of what year it is. Nevertheless, most old trends must make way for newer and fresher looks as the years go by and today we are going to focus on the future. The four style shifts which we are going to discuss next may not even seem that out of place in 2018, but down the line, these are going to become the dominant trends on which brands will be rebuilding the world of fashion.


Tropical patterns and designs highlighted by vivid explosions of color; that’s what the psychotropical fashion trend is all about and it’s already quite popular. One could not help but notice a tiny similarity between this futuristic style statement and some old African fashion trends. There is no doubt that it’s beautiful and the nature inspired digital prints do look gorgeous when done in a minimalistic manner.


No other futuristic setting has gained more attention in media and popular culture than the theme of cyberpunk. Now however, the fashion statements inspired by this concept of a bleak and post-apocalyptic future that’s dominated by machines and anarchy is catching on as well. Check out to know about the basics of cyberpunk fashion and how to perfect that futuristic look in the present, without standing out in the wrong way.

Surf Gypsy

The surf gypsy is a trend reserved typically for the affluent bunch who love traveling to beaches and resorts in various sections of the globe. Famous names like Marques Almeida, Missoni and Emilio Pucci have already begun producing brand new lines of rainbow-colored beachwear in the surf gypsy theme. Everything from bikinis and male swimwear to sarongs are part of this new sub-bohemian fashion trend.


In spite of its namesake, this is pretty much a fashion trend for human beings, and it is catching on. It’s hard to describe post-human fashion in words adequately, but the theme usually has some of the elements as mentioned below.

  • The trends are driven and inspired by technology and the theme of artificial intelligence
  • Use of next-gen materials such as metallic filaments for the manufacturing
  • The clothing is often superlight, breathable and protective at the same time
  • The dress you are wearing may even be able to regulate your body’s temperature.
  • LED lighting might be an in-built part of the clothes themselves

It might sound extreme in most situations right now, and that’s because it is. Nonetheless, it’s fashion for the future that is gaining in popularity, thanks to brands like Nike and even Intel introducing new line-ups of post-human clothing.

While it is very likely that each and every one of the style shifts mentioned here are going to stay, it is even more likely that they will evolve a lot more in the coming years. So, the bottom-line is, if you really found any of these to be particularly appealing, don’t wait around and try them out before they go out of style.

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