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The Stylish Wedding for a Modern Woman


Weddings are about commitment and love. They are also about the party. That’s why people follow wedding trends, that is why dresses go through different styles, and that is why people dream about their big day years in advance. A stylish wedding doesn’t just mean having what’s “on-trend” at the moment. Any true fashionista knows that following the seasonal trends blindly doesn’t allow true style to emerge. You need to create and curate a look for yourself that stands the test of time. You should be able to look at photos of you in the past and not cringe at what you wear. The same is true for your wedding.


Thankfully, weddings in and of themselves are typically traditional. They are beautiful simply because of their adherence to the basic principles of design. That being said, this also means that most weddings look alike, if not exactly the same. You want your wedding to be simultaneously timeless, but you also want it to be unique, and to be yours. Weddings are the biggest style statement any women can have, after all, and for any fashionista, this means rising to the challenge.


Your Destination is the Backdrop

Destination weddings, though seemingly popular in magazines, aren’t all that common. So, when you want to have a memorable and statement wedding, the best place to start is in an exotic location. That way you can treat your guests. Not only will they get to share your big day with you, they can also have a great vacation away! You can also extend your time at your destination wedding to include your honeymoon, or go all out and vacation elsewhere.


Either way, a unique backdrop is the perfect way to make your wedding unique. Some examples of luxurious, unique destinations are places like Monaco or even Dubai. You don’t have to worry about planning a destination wedding from afar, either, as there are excellent wedding planners in Dubai who can take care of everything.


Your Dress

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your dress, if you are inventive. Tailoring an heirloom piece can make your wedding dress not only special, but stylish as well. If you do want to buy a new dress that is yours, try to look for something that speaks to you, not one that you’ve seen in the magazines. In fact, don’t look at any bridal magazine at all if you can. The timeless piece isn’t dictated by what the industry is trying to sell you, it is what you love and what speaks to you. If the wedding dress is an expression of yourself, then you’ve found the right one. The more open you are, the more you’ll find a piece for you, rather than the piece you’ve been conditioned to like.


Big or Small Weddings

It can be tempting to invite everyone that you know to your big day. In many cases, it’s the same sort of urge that leads people to go to high school reunions. It’s not just so that you can see how everyone is doing, but so that they can see how well you are doing, and what better location to do that than at a marvelous wedding? The problem with this notion is, however, that you’re not having your wedding for yourself, but for them.


When you are choosing your guests, don’t worry about who you should and shouldn’t invite, but who you want to invite. Who do you want to be there above all others? Not only can this save you a lot of money, but it’ll also make your wedding a more private, intimate affair that allows you to be the center of attention. There’s no reason to invite your roommate that you haven’t spoken to in three years. Save your invite for those who matter most.


The Décor

Now that you have the destination, the dress, and the guests, it’s time to worry about the pizazz. The décor is what will set your wedding apart from any other, and it is where you can let your personality shine through. Throw in some color, choose what interests you, let yours and your fiancé’s personalities shine through. You should also worry about games and other activities for you and your guests to amuse yourself with between the wedding and the reception. That way everyone can be involved, active, and having fun throughout the night.


To make it a stylish affair, however, try to keep a theme throughout. Throwing everything that you like together will involve some clashing items. Instead, choose a similar color scheme, and try to keep everything uniform. Just because your personality is on show here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to keep it looking sharp!


The Food and Drink

When you are providing your guests with the food and drink, you need to not only think about what you want, but what they will want as well. First and foremost, ensure that you have all allergies and preferences of the guests. If one of your guests need a gluten-free meal due to an allergy, or if they are vegetarian, there should be options for them to enjoy. With food, the more variety, the better. Stick with staple flavors and meals, and you’ll play it safe. It is hard to please a crowd, but if you serve familiar foods then at least everyone will be able to eat.


Your wedding is your big day, which is why you should put extra effort into making sure that showcases your style, not someone else’s. Stay away from the bridal magazines and instead go with your vision. Once you have a good portion of your vision down, from the sort of wedding you want to have, to the kind of dress, then you can go and look for external inspiration. That way you can pick up someone else’s good idea, but the core of your wedding is entirely you. Just make sure that your fiancé gets a say!

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