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How to Radiate Positivity to Everyone Around You


Many people feel that it is harder to stay positive in today’s world than it ever has been before, with mental health problems and current affairs having a profound effect on the way people live their lives. This is why being a positive force is more important than ever. This doesn’t mean you need to be everyone’s beacon of hope, but if you can make someone smile every day, then you are going in the right direction. From the way you speak to what you wear, you can have a small but crucial impact on those around you, which could make their day.


Smile at everybody


Smiling can be difficult if you aren’t feeling good, but studies have shown that if you smile when you are sad, this can release some endorphins into your body that will act as an extra dose of happiness to your day. What might make you more likely to smile is if you know how great it could make someone else feel. Every stranger you pass on the street could be going through hard times that nobody knows about. If they catch a smile radiating off your face, they will be more inclined to smile back and release some endorphins of their own. It will also help them feel loved at a time when they are struggling.


Wear bright clothing


It has long been accepted that colors can affect everyone’s mood. Where gray skies outside make people feel slow and tired, seeing the orange of a sunrise can stir content emotions that are unexplainable. Bright clothing has the potential to brighten up your own day, as well as everyone’s around you. You could even go one step further to wear clothes with inspirational quotes on, which will make people smile as they pass you. Buying in these clothes from a store such as will mean that you and everyone around you will be feeling a flow of positive energy.


Be thankful for the small things in life


When you are feeling down in life, it is easy to get caught up in the negatives, and they can sometimes take over your life. As a way of preparing yourself for times where this might happen, it’s a good idea to get into the practice of seeing the beauty in the mundane parts of life. For example, focusing on the fresh smell and the cool feel of rain, rather than its inconvenience.


Treat yourself kindly


There is an old saying that you can’t treat others well if you don’t treat yourself right first. The first step to be a selfless and loving person is to acknowledge your own self-worth and treat yourself with kindness. If you can practice ways to become self-confident, even on bad days, you will be able to act as a force of strength among your friends and put your energy into helping others. Having a warm bath or a lie-in every now and then are small but perfect examples of this, which will leave you calm, relaxed, and ready to be a helping hand.



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