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Top Trends in Professional and Protective Clothing


Creating a strong and positive impression at work is key to making a lasting impression and one of the top ways to do this is through what you wear. Whether you have an office-based role or work in construction, workwear is one of the best ways to show professionalism and for some, keep you safe. Corporate uniforms have traditionally been quite reserved but offer a uniformed look across the brand. However, just like everyday clothing, workwear is subject to ever-changing requirements and fashion trends. For manual laborers and tradespeople, these changes are not only paving the way for new safety regulations, they are also offering a smart choice in professional clothing. As an employer, you need to ensure that your workforce as protected as possible.


Check out some of the top workwear trends that are influencing the design and production of corporate and protective clothing:


Smarter fabrics

As the clothing industry changes, so to do the fabrics and ways of producing professional wear. Labor-intensive industries are always looking for ways to not only increase the safety aspects of the clothing employees wear but also their willingness to wear it. Advanced fabrics are giving this industry a helping hand, as lightweight, strong and protective features are a priority for many businesses looking to keep staff safe. The innovations in protective fabrics are also seeing breathable, absorbent and crease resistant materials give workwear a strong and professional look for longer.


Gender balance

Protective workwear has always had a masculine feel to it, as traditionally it was a male-dominated industry. Times have changed, and as more women enter the workforce, the demands of clothing have changed. There are further requirements to bring protective clothing in line with a woman’s body shape and size rather than the ill-fitting clothing that is often available.


Improved style

Due to the nature of professional and protective clothing, there is often little room left for style. As fabrics and manufacturers have evolved, this type of clothing is getting a little reboot. Although most tradespeople or labor workers generally care more about their safety than style, setting the right example on site for the company you work for is becoming increasingly important. In today’s current climate, organizations may find that a slap-dash approach to workwear and branding may also result in fewer customers. It might only be workwear but style and look are increasingly important and sites such as showcase how safe workwear can also offer a great look.


Wider choice

Corporate and protective clothing has often been limited to certain suppliers and manufacturers but with the increase in competition in these markets, workwear offers a wider choice as at affordable prices. Every type of working environment is subjected to changing elements and this choice is giving greater scope for companies to be fully equipped with everything they need without compromising on quality or style.


These trends are providing a larger selection of smarter professional clothing choices in many industries and offer the perfect opportunity to showcase a brand and workforce to its full potential.


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