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Gucci: Everything You Need to Know About the High-End Fashion Brand

The Gucci brand was founded in Florence, Italy, in 1920 by Guccio Gucci, and is now one of the most well-known high-end fashion brands in existence.  Originally renowned for its fine craftsmanship and high-end leather goods, the Gucci brand now designs everything from dresses and bags to scarves and shoes.  When Guccio Gucci passed away in 1953, his four sons took over the company and continued to design items that met Guccio’s original vision.  With traditional values and unique designs, it wasn’t long before the Gucci brand became a household name.

A Brief History of the Brand

The first signature Gucci print was invented in 1936, and although the brand nowadays is known for their fine leather goods, the first signature print used imported materials.  During the 1940s and the Second World War, leather was in short supply.  Unable to get hold of what they needed, and unwilling to compromise, Gucci instead opted to work with a new fabric: bamboo.  It was during this time that Gucci’s first bamboo bag erupted onto the scene, and the brand expanded its operations to Rome.

By 1951, Guccio’s son opened the brand’s first store in Milan, and it was around this time that red and green became the brand’s hallmark colors.  With plans in place to go international and open a store in New York City, it was an exciting time for the Gucci brand, but unfortunately, Guccio died at the age of 72, unable to see his dream become a reality in New York.

Following Guccio’s death, the brand registered the trademark of the intertwined double G’s in memory of the man who founded them.  This trademark was placed on all goods and all leather items created by the company.

The store in New York City became a huge success, and it wasn’t long before the second store in New York was opened, followed by other stores in Beverly Hills, London, and Florida.  This expansion led to celebrity interest, with Jackie O leading the trend.

The Gucci Brand Today

Gucci may have begun as a leather goods accessory store, but today, it is more renowned for being a high-end brand.  In the 1990s, designer Tom Ford took over the company, and while we have seen the high-end fashion lines continue, we’ve also seen a bit of fun injected into the company too.  The Gucci brand now takes risks that it never took before, and we’ve seen everything from rainbow patterns to patchwork denim and ensemble dressing on the catwalks over the years.

Gucci no longer purely creates garments and accessories that are versatile; they focus on the risky too.  The Gucci sneakers sold by SSENSE are a good example of this.  Featuring high-quality materials and bold, bright designs, they embody what the Gucci brand has become.  The same can be said of their other accessories too.  Bright patchwork purses and bold watches are all part of the brand’s collection.

Gucci strongly believes that fashion isn’t purely about covering your body.  It’s about taking a risk, showing off who you are, and expressing your personality through the clothes you wear.  The brand has come a long way over the years and we are definitely excited for the future.

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