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7 Common Prom Dress Shopping Faux Pas to Avoid at all Costs

Prom is a special time for everyone and you only get to live it once. This is why it’s important to plan and plan correctly if you want everything to go smoothly.

One of the most important purchases you’ll have to make is buying a prom dress. While the process may seem pretty straightforward, there are many ways that you could screw up and end up with the wrong dress on prom night. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid at all costs when shopping for a prom dress. We’re also going to give you a few tips to look fabulous in that gown if you already have one.



Trying Dresses that Might be Out of Your Budget

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You end up playing Cinderella with all the dresses in the store and find the one you like. The only problem is that its way above what you can afford. Now you’re in love with the dress and have to settle for something cheaper. Try to have a clear budget from the start and stick to it. Make sure you tell the salesperson from the get-go how much you can spend on a dress and they’ll guide you through the options.

Not making Appointments

Before you visit a shop, it’s always better to call in advance and see if you can get an appointment with an attendant first. Having an attendant there to guide you through your purchase will make everything easier. And if you’re going to make an appointment, make sure that you’re polite and courteous as well.

Also, make sure that the shop you’re going to visit does alterations as well. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to prom dresses. Everybody has different body types, so working with a shop that has its own tailoring service is important as well. And don’t think that because you’re shopping for petite prom dresses, tailoring is not as important. Either plan to have it tailored when you receive it if you’re buying it online, or have the alterations made in-store if you bought it from a regular shop.

Dismissing your Attendant’s Recommendations

It’s essential that you go in with a completely open mind when you go out prom dress shopping. Maybe you had a clear idea of what you wanted to wear based on photos you’ve seen or just personal taste. However, most attendants have extensive knowledge of body types and colors and may make a pick for you that will blow your mind. So, never dismiss what your attendants have to say and take their pick into consideration as well.

You also should let them know about clothing restrictions your school may have. For instance, they may have issues with strapless dresses or hemlines. Let them know so they can pick something you’ll actually be allowed to wear.

Not Storing it Properly

There’s nothing that will ruin a prom dress more than scrunching it in the back your closet. It doesn’t matter if it’s only there for a few days; even a few hours can be enough to make it a wrinkly mess. If you want your dress to look perfect on prom night, make sure that it is properly hung and protected before you store it.

Use some Sweat Pads

If you were thinking of going for something like a long-sleeved gown for a more dramatic look, you’ll have to think about sweating as well. If you want to make sure that your dress stays dry the whole night through, you could invest in some sweat pads. They are inexpensive and very discreet and they will create a barrier between your armpits and your gown.

Make sure the Straps fit

There’s nothing more annoying than straps that keep falling off your shoulders constantly when you could have fun dancing the night away. So, before you decide on a particular dress, make sure that the straps are the proper fit. If they don’t fit, this is something you could get adjusted very easily. If it’s too late for that, then you could consider pinning them on to the dress using safety pins.

Not Checking what the Dress looks like under Different Lights

Another great mistake you can make when buying a prom dress is not checking what it looks like under different lights. A dress can look perfect in one type of light and completely different in another. The last thing you want is to discover your gown is actually sheer once you hit those disco lights. One trick you could use is to have someone shine a flashlight on your gown to see if everything is ok with the dress.


These are only some of the mistakes that should be avoided. Now that you know what these mistakes are, you’ll be able to pick just the right dress for your big night.

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