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Key Items For Your Summer Work Wardrobe


The summer is a time for embracing the sunshine and often requires an exciting complete change in wardrobe, but it is important to keep your work attire in mind. You may want to turn up to the office in a skirt and strap tank top, but the chances are that this outfit is not work appropriate and your boss may have a rule about the type of clothing that you can wear when you’re at work. It can be frustrating during those particularly warm days, but fortunately, there are all kinds of cool, stylish and practical items that will allow you to look and feel your best while at work during the warmer months of the year.



Silk Blouse


A silk blouse is perfect for the summer because the lightweight fabric will keep you cool while on your way to work and throughout the day. You can also find lots of stylish patterns that will inject plenty of fun and color into your summer wardrobe and still be suitable for sitting at your desk all day.


Smart Tank Top


You may not be able to wear a tank top which shows too much skin, but there are lots of fantastic smarter looking options available which are a godsend in the summer months. These can be paired with practically everything and will keep you cool when the sun is blazing. Be sure to have an additional layer for when the sun goes down, though, as summer nights can turn chilly!


Sleeveless Jumpsuit


A sleeveless jumpsuit can look smart but it is also great for hot days and particularly if you find one with wide-legs and in a light color. Complete the look with a nice blazer for a professional yet stylish outfit.




Sundresses are an essential on the hottest days of the year as they are light and breezy. You may need to choose a longer one for the office, but you can also smarten them up with a structured blazer over the top.




Tunics are a great addition to your wardrobe this summer as they are both practical and stylish which makes them ideal for the office. Pick a solid, light color for a light top which you can then pair with practically everything. They can also be warm enough so that you won’t get cold after a few well-deserved drinks after work!


White Shirt


In a similar vein, you cannot go wrong with a white shirt during the hottest period of the year. The white will reflect the heat while the long sleeves can protect you from the sun. A white shirt is considered an office staple, but it is easy to dress down too if you are going out after work.


Maxi Dresses


Maxi dresses are perfect for the hot weather as they are light and breezy yet still can be smart and professional. You should aim to choose a floral pattern for a more fun and summery look, but if your office is more reserved, then a simple solid color will still be a great investment.


Midi Dresses


If a maxi dress feels a little bold for your office, consider a midi dress instead which should fall between your knee and ankle. This makes them light and breezy enough to keep you cool but still maintains a professional style. They can be paired with practically any top too which makes them a versatile garment that you are sure to get good usage out of year after year.




Cropped Pants


An ideal solution for offices that don’t allow you to show too much skin, cropped pants are highly professional but can still feel light and especially if you opt for a lighter shade. Additionally, you can easily make these work at night by swapping out your accessories and with a bright top.


Pencil Skirt


Pencil skirts are also a good solution if your office does not allow you to wear shorter skirts. Combine with a crisp white shirt for a smart, stylish and summery outfit that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.




The blazer is a versatile garment which can be worn throughout the year, but it is essential for the summer months. It can complete many outfits and add professionalism to any look which could be deemed “too summery.” There are endless styles, patterns, and colors to consider, so take a look at an online retailer like Fairweather Clothing to find one that you like and will complement your wardrobe well.


Lightweight Cardigan


Depending on where you live, you may find that the weather doesn’t stay quite as nice as you’d hoped for throughout the day. Make sure you are prepared for sudden dips in temperature with a lightweight cardigan that you can throw over yourself while still maintaining a professional look (baggy hoodies are sadly not an option in most offices!).


Open-Toe Sandals


Footwear can be a minefield in the summer as, chances are, flip-flops are a big no-no in your place of work. An open-toe sandal is a good compromise as they allow your feet to breath but are still relatively smart.


Final Thoughts


It can be hard to shop for a summer wardrobe for your office, but if you are ever unsure of what is and what is not appropriate then be sure to ask your boss first – they are sure to appreciate that you asked them instead of taking the risk. As a general rule of thumb, any clothing should not show too much skin, and bold patterns can also be a risk, but this will depend on your line of work and office rules. Pastel colors are a brilliant choice as these are light and will keep you cool but can still be stylish and fun too.


There is nothing quite like the arrival of summer, and it can make such a big difference to how everyone feels, but it is important that you still have the right attire to head into the office each day and you cannot go wrong with any of the above items.

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