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The Bohemian and luxery Island

Ibiza, the Bohemian and luxery Island

Weather you go for a spiritual experience or a extreme luxury holiday, Ibiza has both. But there is one thing all these different groups of people have in common while visiting or living on Ibiza: they celebrate life to the fullest. It even goes as far as celebration of the sun setting!

The island has an image of being a party paradise and indeed, clubbing is a lifestyle here. But the image has grown to cover the truth, and the truth is that Ibiza offers far more than clubs and bars only.

Ibiza is also known as the Hippy Island. Hippies started to settle here in the 1960s, being the ultimate place where they could work and wind down in summer.

The Bohemian and luxery Island - The Good Rogue

The South of Ibiza

Ibiza is getting more and more cosmopolitan and a centre of the international jet set. But Ibiza still keeps its unique mixture of luxury, hippy culture, tradition and for me the most important, tolerance! I’ve hardly seen any other place where you have so much freedom and tolerance.

The North of Ibiza

Ibiza, it seems, is returning to its hippie-chic roots. The island was a sleepy peasant farming community for hundreds of years before the hippies showed up en masse in the 1960s.

Vintage Ibiza, it turns out, is still alive and well.

But the northern part of the island, where the hippies and bohemian fashion types hide out, has rolling farmlands covered with whitewashed houses, citrus trees and a few grazing sheep. At Benirras, a beach lined with tall pines, there are still drum circles at sunset.

What I love the most is that everybody loves everybody.

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