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Why CBD Oil Has Gone Beyond Trend to Acceptable Alternative Medication

Whenever there is a new ‘trend’ it seems like everyone wants to know what all the hype is about. And, so it is with CBD oil that has swept the nation and is now even endorsed by major national and worldwide organizations like WHO and the FDA. No longer a trend, cannabidiol (also referred to as hemp oil, CBD oil etc.) is now gaining in popularity so that it is no longer an outcast child of the pharmaceutical family.

In just a matter of a few short years, CBD oil has gone from being an alternative treatment on the fringes of society to a socially acceptable norm. However, this begs the question – why are so many people now expounding the virtues of cannabidiol, and how did it become so mainstream in such a short period of time?

Even the New York Times Is Embracing the Use of CBDs!

In a recent article published on the New York Times website, a great explanation was given which might hold half the answer to that question. According to the author, we are living in anxious times and our country has drawn a line in the sand leading to a polar divide. While so many prescription drugs are known to have lethal side effects, CBD oil has none of the above and has been deemed safe in scientific analyses and clinical trials across the board. With so many major players embracing the use and benefits of cannabidiol, it’s no wonder that this one OTC natural remedy has taken to the mainstream.

Celebs and Famous People Touting the Benefits of CBD

Everyone knows that trends begin when celebs embrace a product or lifestyle. Look what happened, for example, in the 1960s when George Harrison ‘studied’ under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogiand sat down with Ravi Shankar to play the sitar! Suddenly the entire world was into transcendental meditation which quickly went from a trend in the pop world to a cultural norm. Still today, even CEOs of the largest international corporations are encouraged to practice meditation as a form of relief from the many stresses which are part and parcel of their jobs.

So, What Are These Benefits Everyone Is Talking About?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the fact that cannabinoids are effective treatments for anxiety and pain without the addictive properties of the leading prescription pharmaceuticals. Overdose by prescription medication has reached epidemic proportions here and abroad and so it is only natural that sufferers would seek a safer, non-addictive alternative to opiates and barbiturates. The reason so many alternative medical companies are seeking wholesale hemp products to add to their treatments is that there are none of the dangerous side effects as found in those drugs that are killing our nation. Perhaps that’s the biggest benefit of all being that CBD oil is not addictive and has never been named as a substance where death by overdose occurred.

In the end, CBD oil has become so popular simply because it started as a trend and the more people investigated what it was all about, the more they became willing to give it a try. Does it work? That would be for you to decide. The only question remaining is, are you willing to give it a try?

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