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What to Do When Your Computer Breaks

What to Do When Your Computer Breaks

We don’t realize how much we rely on our computers until they suddenly break down. While some computers can be fixed with ease, others might have serious problems that require the help of an expert. We are therefore offering some helpful tips on what to do when your computer breaks.

Identify the Problem

The first thing you should do is try to identify the cause of the problem. Will it no longer turn on? Is there a problem with the monitor? Is it running slowly? Did you experience any problems with the computer before it broke down? If you understand some of the issues, you can pass the information onto an expert, so he or she will have a greater understanding of the problem, so they can quickly find the best solution.

Talk to a Computer Expert

If you cannot fix the problem yourself, it would be wise to take it along to an expert, who will have the knowledge, tools and experience to repair the computer. Some companies will be happy to look at your computer free of charge, so you can make an informed decision before they undertake a repair.

Review Your Warranty

All new electronic devices will come with a warranty. If you haven’t owned the electronic device for long, or if you have signed up to an extended warranty, we recommend reviewing the terms, as the manufacturing company can either fix your computer or provide a replacement.

Recover Data from Your Hard Drive

A broken computer can often cause its owner to go into panic mode. However, it is possible to get data from a dead hard drive with a professional data retrieval service. Never dispose of a computer until you have recovered all your unwanted files from the device. Not only will this allow you to recover any lost documents, images, videos and audio files, but it will also prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Always consult the experts to recover data or wipe a hard drive before you throw it away.

Recycle a Computer

Preserve planet Earth by recycling your broken computer responsibly. However, it is important to note that some recycling companies will transport your old device to developing nations, which requires children to sort through piles of e-waste to search for vital components. Avoid recycling the computer with these companies, and only use a recycler that is affiliated with the e-steward network – as you can trust they will not export the device to developing countries, such as China or Pakistan.


A computer problem is bound to be frustrating, which is why you should consult an expert to fix the device, or consult the manufacturing company for a repair or replacement. If all else fails, turn to the experts for data recovery and ensure you dispose of the computer responsibly.

Do you have any helpful tips for repairing or recycling a broken computer? Share your informative advice in the comment area below.

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