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Watch battery empty? Replacing is easily done by yourself!

Watch battery empty? Replacing is easily done by yourself!

In our modern time there are almost only electric watches available. Of course there are still people who wear watches with a kind of nostalgia or retro thought with a winding mechanism. However, the vast majority of watches are electric and run on batteries. Some luxurious brands, like Rolex, have a broad collection of electric and battery-free watches. If you choose an electric watch, a moment will come when the battery has to be replaced. Would you have this done and lose your watch for a while or replace by yourself? We’ll tell you in this blog how to do that.

Do it simply by yourself

Of course we all know that a watch can be quite complicated with a lot of electronics and mechanics. However, that does not automatically mean that you are not able to replace the watch battery yourself. It also differs per watch how difficult this is. With some watches it is incredibly easy to replace the battery and with others it is a bit more complicated. Even then it is possible to do it yourself. It is important that you know what you are doing. So always make sure you have a manual and have the right tools.

Pay attention to dirt and dust!

Do you choose to replace the battery of your watch yourself? Then there are a few important points of attention. First of all, it is important to pay attention to dust and dirt. That is not allowed to get into the watch. Many parts in the watch are sensitive to this and can even be damaged by it. In addition, it is also very irritating if you see every time a hair or dust that has ended up between the glass and the dial. To prevent all this, it is important to clean the outside of the watch thoroughly beforehand and also to work in a dust-free environment.

Which battery do you use?

Of course, you will first need a new battery before you can open the watch. Every watch runs on button batteries. These are flat batteries in the form of a button. Of course, this is not so strange since large batteries do not fit well in the watch. Each button battery has a unique combination of letters and numbers so you can quickly see which one you need. The letters stand for the material the battery is made of and the numbers for the diameter and thickness of the battery. There are three types of button cell batteries that are most commonly used for watches: CR2032, CR2025 and CR1220.

Simply replace your watch battery yourself? Some tips!

Do you have a waterproof watch? Please note that closing the watch in this case often requires special actions. Sometimes it is wiser to consult a specialist.

Please note that some manufacturers no longer provide a guarantee if you decide to open the watch yourself. Do you prefer not to lose the warranty? Then it is better to take the watch away.

A watch sometimes contains many small parts. Even when you have to open the watch, you will have to deal with small parts. Therefore it is wise to work with sufficient light and preferably with a magnifying glass.

Small parts are lost very quickly! Pay attention to that when you open the watch. Think for example of screws. Prepare a saucer or receptacle in which you can store the screws.

Are you putting the watch away for a while or do you want to put the glass plate aside for a while? Do this at all times on a soft surface. Think of a cloth, for example. This will prevent scratches.



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