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Want to Make an Impact? Try These Amazing Styles

Want to Make an Impact? Try These Amazing Styles


It’s so easy to become bored of your own style after years of wearing the same thing. Even if you look good, sometimes a change of style can drastically improve your mood and bring interest back into your life. Habit can make people feel comfortable in the same clothes for years at a time, so finding something exciting and new to wear isn’t always everyone’s priority. However, keeping an eye out for different looks can help refresh your wardrobe as much or as little as you want it to. Here are a few striking styles that can completely revamp your look, or simply add a special twist to what you wear already.


One: Steampunk


Steampunk is a striking style that most people find appealing but rarely indulge in due to the vast differences between it and today’s fashion sense. It’s based on Victorian era style clothing with items such as top hats, goggles, and intricately decorated corsets, the latter of which can be found at this company. The theory behind steampunk is a reimagined Victorian period where steam-powered technology progressed further into the future. A quick internet search will bring up detailed machinery with cogs and springs in shades of brass and copper. The style is about reinventing the traditional and mixing the practical with the aesthetic. Steampunk accessories often look as if they perform a very specific purpose and have been painstakingly crafted in minute detail. It’s fun to have jewelry that appears to have a secret use behind it. Merge some steampunk into your style by wearing a timepiece or a detailed military jacket.


Two: Model Off Duty


This look is very different to steampunk in that it focuses on effortlessness rather than precision and care. When attractive models are hired it is to make the public buy whatever they are modelling, so it makes sense that even when they are off duty, models are still influencing people’s purchasing decisions. Wouldn’t it be fun to walk along the street and feel like you’ve just come home from a weekend photoshoot in Milan? The best way to start styling yourself this way is by contrasting casual and formal pieces, such as structured blazers with your favorite, comfortable trainers or a slouchy jumper with a pair of colorful high heels. The key to this look is to make sure your wardrobe is full of pieces you love instead of just a pile of clothes you happen to have gathered over the years. Just because the style is apparently effortless doesn’t mean it won’t take a bit or preparation. Invest in some staples like a sleek pair of jeans or a simple dress before adding statement jewelry or a glamorous belt. The great thing about this style is that you can get away with little makeup or a bad hair day as you’ll probably look too cool to care.


Three: Pick a Color


Picking a color and flooding your wardrobe with it is a dramatic choice but not unheard of. Many professional stylists or fashion designers have been known to laud black as the ultimate wearable shade. There is so much emphasis in high street advertising to mix and match your colors, to find the right tones to complement other items, when it could be so much easier. Simply decide which color suits you best or makes you happiest, and never look back. The Green Lady of Brooklyn is an excellent example of someone finding their style and taking it to the best extremes. It keeps your style straightforward and achievable, too, since you won’t need to sift through piles of potential clothing options in order to find something that complements something else. As with most decisions in the fashion industry, being bold is definitely a step in the right direction.


Four: Minimalist


Minimalism can refer to a number of things, from the art movement in the twentieth century to interior design, to a lifestyle choice. When it comes to minimalist fashion, less really is more. Minimalist style icons favor quality and texture over piles of accessories or new outfits for every single day. An added bonus to adopting this style is that you will find yourself spending less money on clothes in the long run, as you won’t be buying cheap, perishable items and your style will be self-contained enough that you’ll never be without something to wear. To begin, pick out some vital pieces such as plain cotton vests or shirts and a pair of jeans that will go with anything. With only a few items in your wardrobe, you can rotate clothes to create different outfits from the same collection. A highly curated, limited style is a sign of confidence in one’s decisions, telling the world that you are understated yet marvelous.


Five: Zombie Chic


The great thing about this style is that you can incorporate almost any part of your own individuality into it while staying true to the overall look. Zombies have become a huge cultural fascination in the media and entice audiences with the magic of an unlikely yet horrifying threat. As the future pulls us forward into uncertainty, it’s no wonder that entire populations have become obsessed with the potential apocalypse. It’s perhaps even a psychological trick people have come to adopt in order to reframe these frightening ideas into manageable, even stylish expressions. Worn, tattered hems and distressed fabrics create a brilliant texture for this look while brushed metal jewelry keeps things glamorous but also muted. Not dissimilar to the goth fashion trend revolves around feelings of loss and sorrow, the zombie chic style offers a sarcastic, jaunty perspective on a dark topic. Messy hair and combat boots help to create the effect of survival. It has all the benefits of wearing whatever you want while also appearing practical and efficient. If you accidentally rip your jeans, it will appear intentional as part of the look. With dystopian movies making billions in the box office, it’s no wonder this style has become so popular.

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