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Traveling on your own, how do you meet people on the road?

Traveling on your own, how do you meet people on the road?

Do you desire a nice trip again but can’t imagine that you are leaving alone on holiday? Single Travel, you may be shuddering at hearing the word. Lonely evenings in your hotel room, judging glances at the beach – what a nonsense! Traveling alone is anything but embarrassing, lonely or boring. On the contrary: more and more young people travel solo and come back with a backpack to amazing experiences. It is high time to convince yourself, to undertake a single journey and to turn away the fear of being alone.

Choose the best travel period

Can you slowly get used to the idea of a single trip? Then it makes sense to think in advance about the period in which you want to travel. If you depart during the summer holidays, you should not be surprised if hordes of families are camping around the pool. These may make you feel uncomfortable when they share their family happiness or use the relaxation room as a playground. What I want to say: Here you will not immediately find fellow sufferers and, frankly, find little rest… So avoid the school holidays and the expensive travel costs associated with it. It is no secret that travelling in high season is considerably more expensive than in low season. With the icing on the cake that in the low season is more likely to meet like-minded.

You’re never really alone while traveling

I admit, the word single trip explicitly puts the emphasis on travelling alone…. But have you ever thought that, on holiday, solo travelers often come together and are actually not long alone? Indeed, if you travel without a traveling companion, you will meet other travellers much quicker. You open up more and you are more curious. Often it is not difficult to meet like-minded travellers and go together. And if you’re considering a single trip for the first time, there are several types of group trips you can sign up for. It does not have to be just backpacking, it can also be youth trips or educational trips. Travel agencies offer a wide range of solo tours.

Stay at the right places

When you’re traveling, you often might want to stay in hotels. That is very nice, but the thing is when you’re staying in hotels you will not meet a lot of new people. The best substitute might be a hostel at that point. And maybe even better, a party hostel.

At a party hostel you will always find new friends to drink and laugh with. Party hostels often organise pub crawls, day tours and more. Perfect for meeting others!

Join a group, you instantly meet people to talk to

I said it before, today it is anything but abnormal to travel alone. For example, you can find a specific travel group for each destination. Are you looking for your great love or do you just want to have fun? Then you can choose special travel providers. For example, if you want to dance all night long to the best parties in an unknown city, go looking for party trips. If you want to learn a new language, you’ll quickly get in touch with like-minded individuals during language travel. And so I can still go on. Find a travel group based on your interests and chances are that you spend your holidays with other solo travelers who share your interests.

Meet Roommates via Airbnb

Maybe you knew this already, but via Airbnb you can not only rent full accommodation but also private or shared rooms. This way you become a temporary roommate and you can get to know your host or hostess and friends circle better. Another advantage of AIRBNB is that this way you will get to know your destination even better thanks to the insider tips of your host. At the same time, you don’t have to give up your privacy at all.

If you’re looking for a platform where to find places so you can meet new people, you might not only be interested in websites like Airbnb, but also like At this website you find the best party hostels, and at the best party hostels you will meet the most interesting new people to become friends with.

Go on a cruise

If you prefer to discover the world but not to lose comfort, you can consider a cruise vacation. Especially on modern ships, the offer for singles is enormous. For example, cruise ships organize special meetings or dance lessons to get in touch with other solo travellers in a fun way. Other ships offer “single-table-groups”, so a chat with the meal is guaranteed!


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