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Tips for Changing Your Look

Are you bored of looking the same every day? In the mood for a change? Some people seem to be able to transform themselves daily with great success, but most of us find a look that works and stick to it. If you’ve been styling your hair the same way for years, or you’ve become so set in your make-up routine it’s becoming second nature, maybe it’s time for something ne.

Making a change can breathe new vitality into your life, giving you a boost and allowing you to explore other facets of your personality. You don’t have to make radical changes unless you fancy a complete makeover, but simply changing your hair or wearing a new style of clothing can work wonders for your appearance. If you’re wondering where to start, here are some practical ideas for making positive changes.

1.   Hair

It used to be a bit risky making a change to your hair, because you could never be sure whether a new style would suit you. Now, thanks to computer imaging technology, you can upload photos of yourself to a website and try as many different hairstyles and colors as you wish. You may have always assumed you looked better as a blonde, but discover that auburn hair is far more flattering. Or maybe you’ve always had bangs and want to see what you’d look like without them. You could try curls if you’ve always had straight hair, or see what you’d look like with purple highlights, so don’t just play it safe – try something completely different without having to commit to any kind of change.

Anything’s possible using computer imaging, but do make sure you find a site that has high-quality graphics, so you get a realistic image of what you’d look like. Some sites use airbrushing techniques on your photos to make you look more attractive, which distorts the comparison between your current look and any new ones you try, so be careful that what you see on screen is a true representation of how you would look. You could also experiment with hair extensions or wigs, which are now so lifelike no-one would ever guess they’re not your real hair!

2.   Clothes

The benefits of seeing yourself in a variety of different outfits are also being aided by computer technology, and some retailers are introducing remote dressing facilities so you can see how you would look in their designs. If you’re not very confident about choosing styles that suit you, ask a friend you can trust to go shopping with you, or make use of the personal shoppers available in many stores.

You don’t have to be a slave to fashion when choosing your new wardrobe; it’s far more important that you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, otherwise you’ll revert back to your old faithfuls. Don’t limit yourself to cultural norms either, instead try expanding your horizons to include some of the beautiful ethnic clothing from around the world. For example, have you ever considered wearing a hijab, even if you’re not a Moslem? If you want to explore the options available in wearing different styles of clothing, it’s a good idea to learn more about how the clothing is worn and how you could adapt it into your own wardrobe.

3.   Accessories

Accessories can bring new dimensions to an existing outfit, so ringing the changes could spice up your current wardrobe without you needing to invest in lots of new clothes. Changing from heels to boots and swapping your fine chain necklace for some chunky jewelry transforms an outfit and gives a completely different impression. If you normally use a modest black clutch purse, try swapping it for a stylish mini backpack to add a youthful aspect to your appearance.

If you always wear heels to work, give your feet a break and switch to flats or a low heel. Wearing high heels all the time isn’t great for your back and legs either, and you could find you get a whole new spring in your step if you change the way you walk. On the other hand, if you normally wear sneakers and jeans, try going for a bit of high-heeled glam now and then to get you out of your rut.

4.   Make-up

There are two schools of thought when it comes to make-up; either you stick to the colors that you think suit you, or you switch to the most fashionable palette as trends change. Some colors will look better on you than others, but don’t get bogged down in the belief that you can only wear one particular shade. Using different blending techniques and variations in colors could work very well; for example, you may believe blue eyeshadow doesn’t suit you, but have you tried very many different shades, or used a cream rather than a powder, or even a glittery finish rather than matte? These subtle differences can make even the unlikeliest sounding combinations work, if you give them a chance.

There are plenty of beauty tutorials online, and some are extremely helpful in showing you how to use different products and create alternative looks. Or you could visit the beauty salon or makeup counter in your local mall and get some advice from a professional to help you choose a new look. If you go for a makeover, do take the details of the products used and how they were applied, so you can recreate the look at home – and don’t be afraid to say if you don’t like your new look, your adviser is there to help you achieve the results you want, so you need to work together to create the perfect new look.

Changing your look can be an exciting experience, and if you’re feeling a little stale or worried about the aging process, a makeover can give you back your confidence. Don’t be afraid to try something new; you never know, it could herald the dawn of a whole new chapter in your life.

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