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The retro lifestyle

The retro lifestyle

Back to the seventies! The retro style is a way of furnishing that is hot again.

A retro interior combines simplicity with cheerful colours. Thus, a retro interior should not have too much fuss but should neither be too bald: a golden mean. It is mainly inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s. Characteristic of these times are the colors, stripes, circles and flowers that are commonly used.

The right colours

When we talk about colours, warm colours such as yellow, orange and brown are often popular. These colours give the interior a warm and nostalgic look. For the walls there is often chosen for a cheerful perhaps psychedelic motif. It is a style that can be very busy. Not your taste? Pastel colours, such as powder pink and mint green are also a nice addition. Are you afraid that your interior will become too busy? Use wallpaper in subtle colours or place the wallpaper on a small wall, so that it is a beautiful eye-catcher, but will not dominate. If you still want something more modern then it is an option to leave the wall of concrete or to plaster the wall. These walls are also very popular in retro interiors that cherish a piece of modernity. The nice thing about this style is that everything is possible and anything is allowed.

Which materials are perfect for the retro living style?

Retro is a striking style, in which wood also plays a major role. Teak wood is particularly popular. This wood is a warm shade of brown that gives the room a cozy look without looking kitschy. The teak furniture from the fifties have pious and simplistic shapes and mostly round corners. Typical retro furniture are for example the low armchairs with leather upholstery, round teak coffee tables and the popular Eames chairs. Slender legs of the wall furniture, tables and chairs so typical of the 50s are also reflected in the modern retro interior. Precisely because of this design, furniture seems less colossal and creates an open and transparent interior.

Wood is also very popular for the floor. A simple, wooden floor fits perfectly into a retro interior. Think of an oak floor or a vintage softwood floor. Beautiful patterns of wood also fit well in a retro interior. Think of a Hungarian dot pattern or a herringbone pattern. Carpets also fit very well in a retro interior. The choice herein is therefore very wide. Large carpets with an abstract design but also Persian carpets with an ornamental design are very suitable for a retro interior.

The most beautiful accessories for the retro lifestyle

A retro interior is obviously not finished without the right accessories. This style of living is in itself quite busy and striking. Therefore, build your house not full of accessories, but rather choose some special eye-catchers. Think for example of a phonograph or gramophone on your dresser, an old movie poster on the wall or a floor lamp with large lampshade. Retro lamps come in all shapes and colours. Especially abstract, round or oval lamps fit very well in a retro interior. Large light sources, industrial lamps and tube lamps with retro motifs are very popular in this lifestyle and are the finishing touch to your unique retro interior.


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