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The Essentials for Today’s Modern Business Woman


The number of women enjoying a career in modern business is increasing. Some choose to work for themselves, while others prefer to work for a company. Whatever route you’ve chosen, you might be interested in learning that, on average, women waste 100 hours every year trying to find the right outfit to wear. There are ways you can slash this time by more than half and leave yourself time to enjoy that morning coffee. You’re busy, after all, so why spend so much time standing in front of your wardrobe weighing up the options? You may have to attend a variety of different events during your working week, but with the right selection of items, you’ll have no problem dressing for lunch with a client, a networking meeting, job interviews or a launch party.


Leather Jacket

We’re not talking biker jacket here but a more formal, minimalistic leather jacket. A blazer has been the traditional piece of clothing for the office, but they can be rather stereotypical. Modern businesswomen are choosing well-fitted jackets that can elevate the simplest of dresses or even jeans. As well as wearing it for important meetings, it doubles up as something you can wear at weekends, or when going out for a drink after work.


Dark Blue Jeans

Formal wear for women has almost always included a pair of black slacks. However, more women are looking for trousers that can bridge the gap between formal and casual. Denim has lost the completely casual look it enjoyed in the beginning, and more and more people are wearing jeans for the fanciest of occasions. How many celebrities grace the tabloids, for example, wearing designer jeans for important events?


Luxury Bag

Finding the best bag for work can be a struggle. A clutch purse is most definitely not big enough, whereas a laptop bag can often be on the large side. You’ve got to carry several things around with you such as a tablet, water bottle, and snacks. However, when you’re wearing your best work outfit, a backpack is a little too far on the casual side. Have a good look around because retailers have a large selection of luxury handbags to choose from, and some of which are surprisingly spacious and multi-functional.


A Classy Pair of Flats

If you’re going to be on your feet for most of the day, a pair of high heels may be very flattering, but your feet aren’t going to thank you. A pair of flats is really the only solution, but you have to be careful with the pair you choose. They can look very unprofessional and sometimes childlike. The answer is to pick a pair that has come classy touches added.


Other items such as conservative jewelry, nice watch, neutral makeup and nail polish will all add to the overall professional look. Perfume can be used to great effect, but it’s important to keep it to a minimum. You want it to be appreciated from a distance, but not too overwhelming when you get up close to your corporate clients.

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