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The Dos and Dont’s of Winter Fashion For Men

Are you getting ready to brace yourself for the onslaught of cold winter weather? As we are now fast approaching December, it is time to get out your hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters as you try to stay warm during these colder months, but also stay looking stylish. Here, we are taking you through the dos and don’ts of this year’s winter fashion trends for men which will help to guide you through the wintry elements in style.


Get A Classic Winter Hat

As the colder weather approaches, one of the first things that you will want to do is look out your classic winter hat. Over the years, we have seen lots of new styles of men’s winter hats hitting the market, but many of them tend to sacrifice functionality for style. That is why instead you should stick with a classic design that not only looks sleek and stylish but will also keep you warm too. This includes styles such as ski caps, bowler hats and fedoras, while pom pom hats and ear muffs tend to be a big no-no.


Take Care Of Your Leather

When you are looking to battle the elements, you will need to make sure that you are prepared with the right materials and not synthetic fibres. Fabrics such as man-made nylon and faux fur will not help to keep out the cold as much as other materials with leather being one of the most popular ones. Suede and patent leather are fantastic for looking and feeling winter ready and while many people can be put off from buying them due to the price, they are designed to be able to take a beating from the freezing weather and so as long as you look after them properly and maintain them they should last. To keep your leathers protected over the winter months, make sure to spray them with a water repellent spray that will provide preventative action against any moisture that can potentially be very damaging. Make sure that once you are back inside you dry off your shoes and use a damp cloth to get rid of annoying salt lines. If you have fallen privy to the salt, use some water and vinegar to wipe them away.


Team Up Your Outfit With Boots

During the winter months, the ultimate wardrobe staple that you will be wearing time and time again are the classic pair of versatile mens boots. One of the big do’s for the winter seasons is investing in a few different pairs of boots for different occasions. You will need a stylish pair of suede boots with a lace up style for your workplace, while a sleek pair of Chelsea boots are perfect for when you are off duty. Decide on a style and colour that is going to work with the rest of your wardrobe, so you can get the most out of them over the winter season.


Layer With A Gilet

One of the best pieces of clothing to layer with has to be the gilet. This vest is the perfect solution to act as an extra barrier against the cold or you can also use it as a final finishing piece on days that are slightly warmer. This will keep your body toasty and warm as the cold winter winds blow.


Tie Your Scarf Properly

Did you know that the neck is one of the areas in which the body primarily releases heat? This is why scarves are so important over the winter season and there are lots of different ways that you can tie them for maximum effectiveness. For a very snug fitting method, try out the Parisian method of tying a scarf as this will provide you with lots of warmth.

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