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Sveti Klement Croatia

Stari Grad – Sveti Klement

Last night I slept like a drunk princess. No just kidding. I had a lovely night, I guess the alcohol did his work. Stari Grad has shown us how its great nightlife.

From a wide range of shooters to Mai Tai cocktails and honey Grappa (Italian grape pomace brandy) up to bottles of champagne, yes we drunk it all.
OMG have you ever tried the Orgasm shots?

Amaretto, Coffee and Irish Cream…

Whenever you order an ‘Orgasm’ drink of any kind, there are three basic liqueurs required: amaretto, coffee liqueur (like Kahlua) and Irish cream (Bailey’s is the most common). This holds true for the Orgasm Cocktail as well as both Orgasm shooters.

The Next Morning, Off to Sveti Klement

At 09:00 everyone was present at the palaver. The plan is to sail further south still slightly below the island of Hvar.

The Uninhabited Archipelago.

One of the islands is Sveti Klement and that’s the one I am going to visit.

Sveti Klement is the largest island in the group of islands called Pakleni Otoci, situated along the southern point of the island of Hvar.

One of the most romantic islands in Croatia!

Sveti Klement is the largest island in the group of islands called Pakleni Otoci, situated along the southern point of the island of Hvar. It’s a picturesque fishermen village with about 15 houses, a little chapel – built many centuries ago as a refuge from pirates – vineyards, vegetable gardens, olive groves, and people who are still truly hospitable from the bottom of their hearts, which has unfortunately become a rarity in modern tourism.

The bay in Sveti Klement is very popular among sailors. When we arrived the bay packed with all kinds of yachts. We were lucky because the boat where I slept normally had captured a bay. We could build at the Festina Lente. (I was on the Werther) Totally forgot to tell you, but this morning Joren and I had decided to sail a day with my dad.

Once installed in the beautiful bay, the first bottles of rosé where pulled open. After lunch it was time to explore Sveti Klement. Along with Joren and Jacqueline went out to investigate. After five minutes of swimming and about five minutes walking we made it to the right place!

The island was really great, it felt like I was in Ibiza for a minute. Everywhere were murals and decorations with wood and other hippie-like materials. I felt immediately at home. At Sveti Klement there is a super cute vintage shop with awesome clothes by Versace, Miu Miu and other excellent brands. Really worth a visit. Maybe you can find your vintage peace you have always searched for.

Sveti Klement Croatia Sveti Klement Croatia Sveti Klement Croatia

We walked along the beach past all greasy restaurants. Ashore was of course much louder. In our swimsuits with our masks in our hand we made some funny dance moves. After exploring the amazing Sveti Klement, it was time to went back to our boat.

I had heard lots of cool stories about the town of Hvar. I had heard it from AC Marine Sveti Klement as a sail ten minutes with a water taxi to the jetset Hvar. Around 6 pm we went with the Dinky’s ashore. In a dinky fit about four adults. Our Dinky driver, Joren enter a few times back and forth. Read my Hvar Croatia story in the following blog post.

I really loved this placed, it felt like I was on Ibiza for one day.

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