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Remaining Fashionable: It’s in the Details

Remaining Fashionable: It’s in the Details

Trying to stay fashionable is difficult. Trends come and go, and it can seem like once you’ve found a style you’re happy with, the fashion world changes and you have to start all over again. Although you shouldn’t be dictating your whole persona on what’s being walked down a runway (remember, be original and be you), implementing what’s ‘in’ into your run-of-the-mill fashion can separate you from unoriginal to a fashion icon.

Whether you’re a fashion blogger with thousands of followers, or you simply enjoy updating your wardrobe for personal gratification, it doesn’t matter. Either way, constantly buying new pieces can become both tiring and expensive. Therefore, the best avenue to take is remaining fashionable through the details, such as accessories. Not only can this limit your spending, but for those who enjoy a set look, they can stay in style without having to jeopardize their ‘look.’

Hair Accessories

Unique hair clips are still in style, as are flower crowns – although the latter is slowly dying out. Therefore, instead of a flower crown, incorporate a statement headband to transform a plain outfit into something far more alternative. Think a string of pearls wrapped around your head, or a mermaid headpiece; for something even more different, consider buying a backwards crown, where it fastens around the back of your head, leaving the majority of your front untouched.

Nail Art

Finger nails (and toe nails, for that matter) should not be left untouched; they should be painted and become one with your whole ensemble. Make sure the color or nail art designs you choose matches your overall outfit, and if you’re unsure, then a fresh French manicure is the savior to all fashion faux pas and problems. Keep them well-kept and in good shape; refrain from biting them, and if one breaks, make sure to even them all out to the same length.


By adding or removing a belt, you can change an outfit in a matter of seconds. A slouchy jumpsuit you usually wear while lounging on a sofa can be transformed into a night-on-the-town ensemble by the mere addition of a proper leather belt and silver (or gold) buckle details. Purchasing staples such as good-quality black and silver, and brown and gold belts mean outfits with one occasion in mind, can turn into an outfit with a multitude of functions. Jersey skirts can be worn to special events; relaxed shift dresses can become form fitting; and a staple pair of skinny black jeans can be smartened up for work.


Rings usually remain timeless, however, rings have become quite fashionable these past few years, compared to necklaces and bracelets. Stacked rings are still ever-popular, as are large statement pieces or single, delicate rings. Bespoke jewlery is making a comeback, with independent jewelers selling unique, glittering pieces, such as Sofia Zakia (fine jewelry with an outer space concept), and Margaret Cross (jeweler of fine mourning jewelry). People are now turning to jewelers for custom made rings, rather than walking into a jewelers and picking the best out of a pre-made bunch.


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