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How to Pick the Perfect Evening Dress

Trying to find the evening dress that is perfect for you can be a hard task. You want to be able to look and feel stunning whilst also being comfortable. Below are some top tips for picking the perfect evening dress for you that will make you the envy of all of your friends.

Where to Get Ideas

If you are looking for a dress that is fashionable at the moment, then look at the celebrities on the red carpet and in magazines. These celebrities will always wear the most on-trend clothing they can find. Don’t think you need to spend as much as a celebrity to look as good though; this is not the case. The high street offers some brilliant options that follow all of the latest trends. When you hit the high street, you should try on as many dresses as possible. Don’t just try on the style that is your favorite because you may find that a completely different style suits you better. These black tie dresses by Jovani Fashion are a popular choice for evening dresses due to their stunning designs. From on-trend mermaid style dresses to classic ball gown style, they provide dresses for a number of occasions including weddings, social functions and dances, making them the perfect place to find what you are looking for.

What Length Dress Should You Choose?

Since 2009, short length dresses have been a popular choice. However, long black tie dresses can look just as stunning. Try a mixture of short and long length dresses on and decide for yourself which one looks better on you. You could also ask a reliable, trustworthy friend to go shopping with you and ask them to give you their opinion on the dresses you try on.

Tips for a Fuller Figure

If you are a lady with a fuller figure, see if you can find a dress that has an empire waist and a shorter hem. A dress with an empire waist is great for making you appear to have a leaner silhouette. Make sure that you choose a dress that is the correct size for you. Oversized and undersized dresses will not flatter your figure like a nicely fitted dress would.

Finding a Dress for Your Body Shape

Some body shapes suit a certain design of dress:

  • If you are a peat shape, or hourglass (small waist, fuller bust and hips) – you will look good in almost any dress. The dresses that would flatter your figure the most are dresses that have a clinched waist, strapless dresses and dresses with a shorter hem.
  • If you are a triangle shape (small at the top, bigger at the bottom) – If you are wanting to camouflage your hip area then choose a dress that has a longer body and a full skirt. If you want to balance your body shape out a bit more, then find a dress that clinches you in at the waist and has capped sleeves.
  • If you are an inverted triangle shape (bigger at the top, smaller at the bottom) – Look for dresses that are plain at the top and have simple necklines. You need to ensure that the top of the dress has no bows or ruffles. If you are wanting to balance your body shape, you should choose a dress that has a fuller skirt.
  • If you have no curves (slender all over) – To create curves, find an A-line dress or a dress that has a bubble hem. A dress with detail at the top will give the illusion of you having something more. You could also exaggerate your attributes with a long black-tie dress or a floor length ball-gown.

If you are short, then think about getting a dress that ends near your knee or calf; this will prevent it from taking over your small frame. A dress that has a small amount of detail and has bright solid colors will make you stand out.

If you are unsure of your body shape, then look for a sleeveless sheath dress that finishes at your knee or just below. These dresses look good on almost any figure.

Do the Best Dresses Cost a Fortune?

You do not need to spend a fortune to look amazing in your evening dress. Before you go shopping, look through your own wardrobe or the wardrobe of a friend to see if they have anything that would look perfect on you. If you don’t then before you hit the high street, why not look in some of the charity shops? Charity shops often have stunning dresses at cheap prices. Don’t think that you have to have a celebrity’s bank account to look as good as one.

There are hundreds of different styles and colors of evening dresses available for you to pick from. Whether you choose a knee length, pink dress with a clinched waist or a floor length black-tie dress, there is something out there that will suit your figure and leave you feeling a million dollars.

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