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How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

We’d all love to have a lavish bathroom with enough room to contain a spacious bathtub, a shower with a bench, and a sink with enough space to actually fit your hands under the tap without splashing water everywhere. However, until we hit it big and buy the castle of our dreams, we’ll have to ensure that our current bathroom lives up to its full potential.

With a few clever tweaks here and there, some designer know-how and the right accessories, you can make an otherwise claustrophobic and depressing space feel significantly more airy, sophisticated, and cozy. While the bathroom may be a pretty unique room, many of the same theories of space enlargement still apply here.

Here’s how you can make even the smallest of bathrooms appear bigger without actually changing its size.

Go for a Subdued Color Palette

Softer color schemes that incorporate pale, pastel or neutral tones give the illusion of more space while also giving your bathroom a cleaner, more sophisticated look. White paint is the most effective option when it comes to adding space. If you love color, you can always add more through your towels and accessories.

Utilize the Power of Mirrors

A large mirror or two will give the illusion of extra space and reflect more light, adding to the light and airy feel that a small bathroom needs. You could opt for an artistically-arranged collection of smaller mirrors for a more unique look. Opt for frameless units for an even greater effect.

Install a Frameless Shower Door

Not only will a frameless shower door create a noticeable amount of extra space, but it will also add a sense of sophisticated style to your bathroom. It makes cleaning the shower area much easier and you won’t have to deal with the rust and corrosion that comes with having a metal frame.

Multi-glass Of Texas LLC offers a wide range of frameless shower doors with different thicknesses and opacities to suit your preferences. They’re durable, easy to clean, and guaranteed to add a sense of high-end luxury appeal to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

Whether it’s an unused shelf, an obtrusive painting or a large lighting unit, if it isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s likely worth getting rid of. Similarly, store toiletries and beauty products inside cabinets or shelving for a cleaner, more spacious look. When you’re dealing with a small room, less is always more.

Install Bright Lighting

The darker a space is, the smaller it appears. Bathrooms usually don’t have much in terms of natural lighting, so it’s up to you to install an effective lighting unit.

Not only will it make your bathroom look bigger, but it’ll also help with applying makeup or shaving where you need to see what you’re doing.

If you lack the space for large or multiple lighting solutions, consider a skylight to bring in more natural light during the day.


In most cases, it’s all about reducing the footprint of any object inside your bathroom while utilizing products such as mirrors and lights to create more space. The more minimalist your approach, the better the final result will be.



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