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How to Launch a Line of Natural Cosmetics from Home

Contrary to what you may have been told, or what you may believe, it is easy to start a line of natural cosmetics from home. Many women have found that the products they buy in today’s market simply don’t meet their needs when it comes to going natural. Either the prices are unbelievably high, or the list of ingredients belies the advertising that states these are natural cosmetics for today’s health-conscious woman.

If you have been creating your own skincare products or natural cosmetics from home, you might be thinking of starting a new line from the very same kitchen where you create those products you, yourself, now use. It’s actually much easier to do than you might believe. Here is the foundation (no pun intended!) of what you need to know.

Avoid Making the Same Mistakes

If you were disenchanted with cosmetics in the past because they didn’t live up to that company’s marketing, then the one thing you should do is to see about beauty claim substantiation. You can have your products tested in a certified lab so that any claims you make can be validated by science.

Beauty claims validation is important on a number of levels but the one thing any savvy consumer knows is that the FDA does not regulate cosmetics like they do food and medicines, other than any color additives included in the formulation. It is imperative that you support any claims you make with regards to your products through validation by a beauty product testing company.

Start Small But Think Big

In the beginning, you might want to book home demonstration parties. Some women launch a video presentation online on their social sites. Facebook is famous for this as is YouTube. If your products live up to expectations, using the Internet can help you go viral.

The point is, start small but don’t expect to stay small. You are initially going to launch your new line of natural cosmetics from home but there may come a time when you want to move production to another site. That day will come if you can authenticate any claims you make, try to keep costs reasonable and learn a few basic marketing strategies.

Strike a Healthy Balance

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a home-based business is to work 24/7. That is totally not necessary, and, in fact, it can work against you rather than for you! Eventually, you will succumb to burnout and everything around you will begin unraveling. Think of your new business as a job where you put in your 35 to 40 and the rest is ‘off time.’ It’s hard to do when working from home, but this is one habit you need to develop.

If you are going to launch a home-based natural cosmetics line, it’s important that you always remember what brought you to this point. Whether it was disenchantment for other products on the market or your love of the industry that ignites your passion, let that be your guiding light. It’s easier than you think.

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