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Great gifts that will last a lifetime

Despite growing concerns about the state of the environment, we still live in an increasingly throwaway society where much of what we consume has only a limited lifespan. We tend to upgrade our cell phones, our computers, and other electronic items every few years so while giving such items as presents may be meaningful in the short term, they won’t have the same resonance in years to come as gifts designed to last a lifetime.

Engraved Jewelry

There are few things that can compete with the emotional charge provided by an item of jewelry. Whether it’s a string of pearls given as a graduation gift, the earrings chosen to celebrate a special anniversary or the bracelet that formed a surprise birthday gift, the fact that a piece of jewelry can last a lifetime along with the fact it is a tangible reminder of the person who gave it makes it easy to understand why such items remain popular.

If you want to go the extra mile and make the item even more personal, having it engraved, either with the name of the recipient, the date it was given, a meaningful quote or some combination of all three.

A fragment of a meteorite

If the person you are looking to buy a gift for has more than a passing interest in outer space or science fiction, why not consider the gift of a piece of meteorite? Most such fragments date back at least 3 billion years, and some are even older. Having survived this long, you can be sure they will remain intact for many more years to come.

While some extremely rare meteorites change hands for thousands of dollars at a time, there are plenty of cheaper sets available and buying through a reputable supplier, such as NASA itself, means you can be sure of the provenance of the item.

Sticking with the celestial theme, you could also consider purchasing the naming right to a star from a galaxy far, far away through a site such as Star Registration. When you name a star after someone, you give them a gift they can see from anywhere on the planet, all year round. You can make the gift even more special by choosing a star that forms part of their zodiac constellation. A star is the ultimate lifetime gift and will last as long as time itself.

A Pet Rock

Pet Rocks took the world by storm in the mid-1970s. Conceived by advertising executive Gary Dahl the rocks – sourced from Rosarito Beach in Mexico – were sold as if they were live pets, complete with custom cardboard carriers that featured nesting straw and breathing holes. More than 1.5 million of the rocks were sold, making Dahl a millionaire many times over.

Although the fad ended just months after it started, reproduction Pet Rocks are now widely available. They may not have the same exotic origins as meteorites, but they will still last forever and are bound to put a smile on the face of whoever receives one.

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