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Golden Mammoth

Golden Mammoth

Am I still dreaming or what? did I really see what i just saw? A Golden Mammoth! I woke up this morning and went for a walk. It’s a Great Way to Start the Day.

It Freshens Up Your Mind

If there’s one healthy habit you must keep, it’s walking regularly in the morning. The benefits of morning walk are numerous and every person who does it will attest to how it keeps them physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

Suddenly I saw a golden silhouette. Really a Golden mammoth?
It particularly caught my attention and I automatically took some pictures. It was really a great piece of art.

Gone but not Forgotten

Installed at the new site ahead of the opening of Faena.

The gilded skeleton of a three-metre tall woolly mammoth is currently on display in the garden of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach. The Faena District is a previously unloved part of Miami known as “mid-beach”. The mammoth is covered in 24-carat gold leaf and encased in glass.

Damien Hirst is the artist and creator of this golden mammoth artwork. Hirst is an English artist, entrepreneur, and art collector.

Read here his explanation:

The mammoth comes from a time and place that we cannot ever fully understand. Despite its scientific reality, it has attained an almost mythical status and I wanted to play with these ideas of legend, history and science by gilding the skeleton and placing it within a monolithic gold tank. It’s such an absolute expression of mortality, but I’ve decorated it to the point where it’s become something else, I’ve pitched everything I can against death to create something more hopeful, it is gone but not forgotten.

Golden Mammoth - Miami - The Good Rogue

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