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Create the perfect interior with designer wallpapers

Designer wallpapers have had a distinct and lively history. A history that dates back to the 1400s. Piet Hein Eek is the designer of some of the interesting designer wallpapers we checked out for this article. But more about that in a bit.

Wallpapers used to be ‘background decoration’ rather than centrepieces and eye catchers of a room. Which is why people often don’t really think about the use of wallpapers, or interesting wall decoration. It can make a huge impact on the mood however. Whereas wallpapers used to be rather bland, it consisted of basic colours, flowery patterns and the like. Since then the use of wallpapers has evolved, and has actually always played a big part in the world of professional interior design, such as Studio Job.


As of now, we have an endless variety to choose from. Whether you want to bring some nature into your living room, or even create a bit more dramatic tone in the master bedroom. Designer wallpapers are available in countless motifs, colours and patterns. Are you curious about the impact that different wallpapers can have and look beyond the basic patterns?

kunst 2 (1)

Peaceful and nature inspired

By adding some leaves and greenery you can boost your interior to a new height. With a pop of green, and some added shades within that spectrum combined with decorative plants not only makes your room seem fresher, it will also appear to be more peaceful and clean. This creates the perfect leisure room to read some nice novels. The variety of these nature wallpapers brings back mother earth to your house.

kunst 3 (1)

Have some dramatic allure

With the use of a darker, mysterious wallpaper you create a room with character. As long as you keep in mind that the combination of dark wallpaper with stripes is a bad idea. It will make the room appear smaller. You can add more drama to a room by using these methods. For example, the use of marble like patterns with golden decoration will create an alluring mood. No need to be afraid to throw some creativity into your décor and wallpapers.

kunst 4 (1)

Wallpaper as a centerpiece

By using accented wallpapers you can make many heads turn. This will play a main role in decorating the room. Especially useful if you don’t feel like putting up wallpapers for every single wall. By using colour on one main wall you create a focus point. This will help your room become more spacious and look organised.

kunst 5 (1)

Colorful walls are the new trend

A new trend we’ve seen the last few years is the use of colour blocking. Try and combine as many colours as you can, it will look creative and playful. If you mix a few contrasting shades and put it together in a pattern you can get the best of two worlds. This is perfect if you want an energetic room. It is necessary for this room to keep at least one wall white for a good balance.

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