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Benefits of Weight and Strength Training for Women


There’s still a significant stigma that weight training will give you huge muscles, similar to that of male counterparts, but depending on what areas you train and how much exercise you undertake, you’re not going to be competing in any bodybuilding competitions any time soon (unless you want to, of course!). Lots of people think that doing cardio is the only way that you’ll lose weight in the long term and spend hours each week stomping the treadmill in a bid to lose those inches. One of the biggest myths with weight training is that it bulks you up and if you’ve seen the latest snaps on Instagram and the #girlsthatlift movement, you’ll undoubtedly see this is not the case.


So are you ready to take on a new challenge at the gym and work those muscles a little harder to achieve excellent results? If the answer is yes, then take a look at the benefits you could feel by doing just that.


Burns more fat


Believe it or not, weight training burns more fat when doing an intense workout with heavy weights than compared to slogging it out on a running machine. Doing this type of exercise is great for elevating your metabolism and is proven to burn fat for several hours you’ve actually worked out in comparison to cardio, which burns only during and shortly after a workout. Working your way up to heavier weights is also advisable, as lifting too much too soon could cause issues with injuries and strains.


Helps to change your body shape


When you start weight and strength training, you’ll begin to notice different elements of your body changing shape. While with running you get a leaner physique due to the muscles you are using to move, weight training provides definition and can help to create curves you never knew existed. The myth that women bulk up isn’t true, as ladies don’t have the same muscle mass as men to increase in the first place. If you’re looking to lose weight, this type of exercise is excellent for you too, as it’ll trim your fat and create definition and tone in those previous problems areas. To get the benefits of weight loss from strength training, you’ll need to stick to healthy diet and burn more calories than you take in to get rid of that excess fat.


Improves well-being and overall mood


Exercise is great for combating stress and boosting those feel-good hormones in your brain. It’s not just the typical exercises such as yoga or Pilates that help to improve mood; weight training can do the same. As with all exercise, endorphins are released, and this helps to encourage a healthy mindset and a positive outlook. Once you start seeing the gains from the training, it also boosts confidence, which in turn creates a happier attitude.


Build strength


One of the natural benefits of strength and weight training is that you become stronger in the process. This exercise can help to improve your general lifting abilities and make simple tasks much more manageable, such as bringing heavy groceries bags in from the car. This new found strength is ideal for feeling empowered too and can help to work alongside improving your overall wellbeing and confidence levels.

Promoting confidence


When you feel good about how you look and the health benefits you’re experiencing start to show, you start to get more confident in all aspects of your life. Improving your body has plenty of health and mind advantages, and as you develop your physique, you may want to start experimenting with different sports clothing to complement your new look. Monsta Clothing is an ideal place to get motivational fitness clothing that fits your body and lifestyle perfectly. This brand new confidence can also help in other ways of boosting self-worth and self-esteem plus boosting your emotional stress giving you the confidence to deal with tough situations.


Encourages long-term fitness


Weight training is a great way to help build better exercise habits. Sometimes with cardio, it becomes dull and demotivating in the long run unless you’re challenging yourself to the next marathon. With busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, strength training can fit comfortably into your routine. Starting with shorter sessions can help to build your love for feeling stronger, which can lead to harder and more intense workouts as you become more confident in your abilities. Weight training can also lead to feeling stronger at other fitness and sporting activities. Your improved muscles mass and stamina can help across all sports from football to cross fit and help you to feel good about taking part in new hobbies.


Tons of health benefits


Exercise is one of the leading contributors to having a healthy heart and body. Many people still think that doing cardio is one of the only ways to get the blood pumping but in fact weight training also increases heart rate and promotes stronger body function. Not only does this exercise give you a healthy heart, but it can also help to reduce bad cholesterol and the risk of developing major health issues such as heart disease. In conjunction with keeping your organs healthy, weight training also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, which have been linked to unhealthy eating habits and cravings for processed foods. This factor contributes to keeping levels balanced making your body more efficient at processing glucose.


It’s easy to think that weight training isn’t for women and it can depend on the gym you attend whether or not you feel confident to train in the weights section. This self-doubt is often misplaced, as when people train at the gym, they are often focused on their own goals and won’t be worried about other people. In these cases, you should try to have this attitude towards your training and feel confident to go and give them a try. You’ll soon start loving your improved body shape and fitness and wonder why you didn’t start sooner.





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