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Why Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Why Beauty is More Than Skin Deep


The adage that beauty is more than skin deep is true. Typically, when people say or hear it, they take it to mean that your personality is where your true beauty shines. Another way to understand the saying is that your beauty is in your health. We are biologically inclined to view the healthiest amongst us as beautiful.


Health is the heart of it all. Good health is what makes us feel good. Good health is what makes us look our best. Good health is something we all need to work and aspire for, for all the immediate benefits, and for those down the road.


  1. Healthy Eating

What we ingest determines many things about our health. Cutting out sugar is key to clearing skin of acne. High sugar intakes (even from things as beneficial-sounding as protein bars) increase insulin levels. This can aggravate our skin. Eating lean foods is the best way to go, as it allows you to absorb the healthy ingredients without being overpowered. Fried foods are a big no for health, both for your skin and general wellbeing. Ensure you are getting what you need with vitamins and eat healthier meals.


  1. Exercise

From feeling good to looking good, exercise does wonders. Not only does it allow you to tone your body to the figure you want, it boosts endorphin production. This makes you feel great and look great. Healthy eating is especially important if you are going to adopt a regular exercise routine. Further, you will also have to include post-workout healing as exercise causes inflammation and stress on the muscles. For a bonus, have a massage in Potters Bar, just north of London. Massages not only feel great, they reduce stress, inflammation of the muscles, and promote healing.


  1. Adopt a Beauty Routine

For the best results, you need to adopt a regular beauty routine. This goes further than washing your face and brushing your teeth. Moisturising, for instance, ensures that your skin is hydrated enough. If your skin is too dry, it will excrete oils. These oils are what get clogged up in our pours and cause acne. Never leaving the house without sunscreen is another beauty habit that we should all adopt. Sunscreen protects our skins from the UV rays, which severely damage our skin. Putting sunscreen on daily basis reduces skin aging.


Striving to be out most beautiful selves goes beyond vanity. Wanting to look and feel good is a worthy goal because not only does it provide you with immediate results, it is an investment in our health in the future. Wearing our bodies down now will only mean worse health later, when our bodies are less able to heal and fix themselves. Invest in your health, and reap the benefits. Enjoy better skin, better hygiene, and a better life. Great habits now prolong our health and our beauty as we get older, meaning not only will we have a better life, we will also have a longer one.

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