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7 Amazing Places to Go for a Business Party


Before we begin, we want to clarify that we’re mentioning places you will find in your area, not specific businesses by name, per say. As local ideas, these types of settings are undoubtedly amazing places to host a business party!


  1. Wine Brewery


Wine breweries are excellent choices because alcohol is known as a “social lubricant,” which means that people are prone to mingle, have fun and enjoy themselves at this kind of business party. This is an important fact to consider, and you also need to keep in mind that many of these wine breweries are quite large, so it will easily hold larger functions. However, if you do choose to go with a wine brewery, make sure they serve good food, as well, because food is equally important and it can make or break a business party.


  1. Local Park


Depending on where your company is located and the current weather, a local park may just be the perfect place for your business party! With lots of space and park benches, people can easily sit, eat food and mingle with each other. Also, it’s outdoors and in nature, so if it’s sunny outside, this only makes the party so much better! To get there, you can consider renting a bus, due to the many people needing to get to the park.


  1. Pizzeria


Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? Many pizzerias would be more than willing to allow you to host your business party at their restaurant! And the atmosphere, depending on the pizzeria you choose, should be more than accommodating and friendly!


  1. A Local Pub Or Bar


This one takes a little more time and research, due to the prevalence of pubs and bars. But if you take the time to figure out your agenda for the party and the kind of atmosphere you’d like to have, you’ll find that there are many great pubs and bars in your local area for this party of yours! Two things to look out for: the quality of the drinks and the kind of food that they serve.


  1. Oriental Food Restaurant


Oriental food comes in many flavors. There is Chinese Food, Indian Food, Vietnamese Food, to name just a few. Ideally, you’ll choose a type of food that most of your employees are unfamiliar with, or only vaguely familiar with. On top of that, this particular restaurant should have a reserved space so that you can host your party without having to deal with other patrons of the restaurant. To do this, look for the reviews on Google and call about “reservations.”


  1. Escape Room


Escape rooms are one of the best group bonding activities, and they’re also incredibly fun! Many of them work best with smaller groups, but there are some escape rooms that can host upwards of twenty to thirty-people in a single room. Also, they are incredibly fun and valuable when it comes to building creative thinking and collaboration skills!


  1. Rock Climbing Gym


This is a slightly odd choice, some would say, but it’s also a very good one, because rock climbing gyms are very fun as they involve working with people, using your body, and pushing yourself. Many of these rock climbing gyms are large spaces, which means they can accommodate numerous people with ease, and rock climbing is a great team-building activity!


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