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5 Ways in Which Reading Can Improve Our Lives

While the term book can be defined quite easily, it is impossible to define everything that it represents. Before technology changed our lives forever, books were the only windows to the unknown worlds and experiences of people from all circles of life. While it cannot be denied that the impact of technology has changed a lot of things, reading has most definitely not lost its place yet. After all, eBooks and websites might not be printed on paper, but their digital nature has nothing to do with the fact that we still need to read them. On that note, let us now take a look at five ways in which reading can bring about positive changes to our lives.

It Makes Our Worlds Bigger

Whether you are reading The Lady from Tel Aviv or Nelson DeMille’s The Cuban Affair, your knowledge about worlds that you have never had the chance to encounter is expanding. Even when we go through the simple act of reading the newspaper or an informative article about the latest breakthroughs on a website, we gain knowledge which further adds pieces to our own perceptions of the world continuously.

Stress Busting

Stress can originate from so many places in our lives and to be honest, even newspaper headlines can have that same effect nowadays. However, choosing to get lost in a new novel written by your favorite author will most definitely bust stress and elevate your mood. Books have a way of taking you out of your present problems temporarily, therefore, creating the chance for your mind to relax and regenerate your mental energy.


Functioning at optimum levels without motivation and inspiration is impossible, but you can find the boost you need by reading inspirational quotes by renowned personalities and philosophers on Examined Existence. Quotes don’t take long to read or understand, but they do tend to have a lasting effect on the reader. If you feel like reading some inspirational books though, there is no shortage of those either. Recommended reads include The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Think and Grow Rich and The Power of Positive Thinking.

It Will Help You to Write Better

In case you ever wanted to write, you need to read a lot because there aren’t too many successful writers who were not avid readers themselves. Aside from helping one write, reading also helps us to increase our vocabulary; something that is expected of every well-educated individual.


Unless you are exposed to different point of views and experiences, it is hard for the human personality to develop beyond its basic natures. While real life experiences can never be replaced in this regard, books are the best way to come in touch with one’s true self as it exposes your own mind to the thoughts of powerful minds throughout both history and literature.

The habit of reading is largely responsible for the creation of civilization as we know it today and although the medium and the form might change with time, its importance is something that will probably remain unchanged forever.

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