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5 Stylish Themes for a New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and fun, but going to the same old party time after time isn’t a great way to end one year and start another in the right way. To truly say a great welcome to the next 12 months, you want to attend a stylish, exciting, ultimately different kind of party. Here are some of the best ideas to look out for this year.


  1. Black & White Ball

A black and white ball is a beautiful affair, full of sophistication and class. If you’re looking for style and elegance, this kind of party will deliver it! The theme is a simple one: everyone needs to wear black and white, so tuxedos for the men and beautiful black and white outfits for the ladies. Masks are also a great addition, giving your black and white ball an extra sense of intrigue and mystery. You can even serve black and white food such as caviar on white blinis, or perhaps even Oreo cookies for some fun.


  1. Gatsby

When you think of glamor and sophistication, could it be Jay Gatsby’s parties that spring to mind? The title character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has been the inspiration for many parties over the years, even more so since the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio was released. This year, you can attend the Gatsby New Year’s Eve DC Gala if you want to experience 1920’s style partying when the clock strikes midnight.


  1. Y2K

Do you remember back in 1999 when the world was terrified that a super virus was going to affect all the world’s computers when the year 2000 arrived? Even if you are too young to remember it, it’s likely you will have heard of the scare of the time. Luckily, nothing actually happened, and the world continued as it always had, but a Y2K themed party can still be a lot of fun. Décor could include old computer monitors dotted around the party room, for example. It could be extremely amusing.


  1. Back To The Future

New Year’s Eve has always been about time; it makes us focus on the passage of time, for example, when another year has ended. For some, this can be a melancholy idea, but if you look back with nostalgia, everyone will feel a lot more positive. This is why a Back To The Future style party can be both fun and stylish. Everyone could choose their own vintage clothing to wear, picking a favorite decade, for example. The clothes that are worn at a party like this will be beautiful and exciting too.


  1. Glitter Party

New Year’s Eve really should be about getting dressed up and enjoying yourself as much as you can. If you hold or attend a glitter party, you can really go to town with your outfit, making it as shiny and bright as you possibly can. Wear as many sequins as you can, and if you are the host, you can give your guests glittery accessories such as party hats to wear. With everyone dressed up and having a good time, no one could fail to smile.


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