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5 Health Concerns of BPA and Why You Should Switch to Water Bottles That Are Free from It

You are putting more than water in your body when you chug down a plastic water bottle. However, that bottle contains a harmful substance called BPA, which can wreak havoc on your body.
What Is BPA?

BPA or bisphenol is a toxic chemical compound that has gained infamy in recent years. Most plastic water bottles contain it because it is a part of the manufacturing process that several factories follow. In fact, it is a common compound in most of the packaged food and groceries we consume on a daily basis. When consumed, even small traces can lead to serious health concerns.

When containers that contain BPA are manufactured, some traces are sealed in the product itself, which later breaks free and gets into the contents. This includes ‘organic’ juices that are packaged in plastic bottles and refillable water bottles.

Top Health Concerns of BPA

BPA does harm overtime but the damage can be extensive depending on your consumption. Here are some health issues and side effects that this toxic compound can cause:
1. Cancer
According to a study, BPA can make itself look like estrogen and other important hormones. This allows it to interact with cell receptors that promote the development of breast and prostate cancers. In fact, this harmful substance can also prevent chemotherapy from doing its job – a medical procedure that is already known for its devastating side effects. Imagine having to go through chemo several times just because your BPA-filled body refuses to heal. In such case, the radiation will get you before the cancer does.
2. Infertility Issues
A fetus needs to grow in a suitable environment to remain healthy throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. It is already fragile enough as it is. We know that pregnant women are advised to stay away from alcohol and even secondhand smoke so that the growth of the baby is not impeded. Imagine the damage a toxic substance like BPA can do to it, and you won’t even know till it is too late.
This is based on fact. According to a study, BPA can have a seriously harmful effect on a developing fetus. When it enters the body, it tricks its way into the reproductive system by mimicking a hormone. This changes the way natural hormones work, and in the case of a woman, it changes the way eggs develop in the body, leading to birth defects.
BPA can also cause serious health concerns in men, especially in their reproductive system. In other words, by using products that have BPA, you will be affecting future generations without being aware of it. Do you really want your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to curse you for years?
3. Compromises Brain Function
Despite the FDA’s claim that exposure to BPA has no cognitive side effects, the medical community does not agree. According to one study, exposure to the harmful substance prevents our brain from removing chloride from the nervous system and also changes the way it regulates genes.
This is a serious concern since excess chloride in the brain can cause dementia and other degenerative cognitive diseases and disorders that can compromise your quality of life prematurely. Even though BPA does not have a direct hand in this, it does create an environment that triggers such harmful processes. By maintaining a BPA free lifestyle, you can reduce your chances of getting these disorders significantly.
4. Diabetes and Heart Disease
Obesity and the heart disease that it results in have become an epidemic. Even though the main factors working behind them are high-fat diets and a society that refuses to exercise, BPA used in packaging is also a culprit. According to some studies, high levels of this substance can increase the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure significantly. To prevent these issues, you should avoid products that come in BPA infused packaging and bottles.
5. Weight Issues
BPA is also known for causing weight gain and it has to do with the fact that it can mimic certain hormones in the body which disrupt insulin production in the body and blood sugar regulation as well. This results in the production of more fat cells, which lead to obesity with time.
In other words, if you are working out or running on the treadmill, you should use a water bottle that is free of this harmful substance. You can view more here to see a list of bottles that are free of this contaminant. Your daily drink-ware should not be causing unnecessary damage or making you accumulate more fat cells than that treadmill can melt off. What’s the point of working out then?
Should You Trust the FDA?
Across the years studies have shown that there is a definite link between BPA and the health issues it causes as mentioned before. Even though the FDA says that those studies are inconclusive, can you really disregard cold, hard scientific facts that are backed with proof or trust the FDA for that matter? Just 50 years ago, it said that sugar was not a risk to our health when in fact consuming it to a large extent can cause long term health problems including diabetes and even cancer.
Now that you know that consuming BPA can be damaging and can seriously reduce the quality of your life before that, you need to take action now. Say no to prepackaged food and canned goods. They may remain ‘fresh’ for a long time in your pantry, but they will do more harm than salmonella poisoning can. This includes water bottles that are made of plastic that contains BPA. Use bottles that are made keeping the health conscious buyer in mind and your health will thank you for it. Use fresh and organic ingredients from the local farmers market and cook at home to increase those chances and to ensure your loved ones remain healthy for years to come.

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