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3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Studying a MEAD Degree Online

Online degrees have been a real boon for the world of education. In one fell swoop they have solved one of the oldest and most stubborn problems with our modern education systems, the problem of a lack of diversity amongst students. Online degrees cost less than their campus counterparts, which makes them more affordable, they are also designed to allow those with prior work or family commitments, single parents for example, to study according to a more flexible schedule.

The online master of education in adult and continuing education (MEAD) degree is an excellent first step towards a rewarding career in adult education. Many students are opting to pursue their MEAD degree online in order to take advantage of the unique opportunities it offers.

Undertaking any task as involved as studying for a degree comes with a certain level of unavoidable stress, however, in order to ensure that you are performing the best that you possibly can you need to develop strategies to minimize the effects of stress. Below are five of the most effective ways you can reduce stress while studying.


Engaging in physical activity and getting some exercise is a tried and proven method of reducing your stress levels. When we exercise, we trigger a whole host of positive biofeedback mechanisms in our bodies, these range from the release of dopamine and endorphins (which make us feel good) to the complex process of reinforcing and strengthening our muscles.

Regular physical exercise is good for both our mental health and our physical health more generally, improving our overall health is in itself an effective way at reducing the amount of stress in our lives. Those who choose to study an online mead degree, such as the ones offered by Rutgers Online, will have more opportunity to exercise. For some students this is a big selling point of online study.


Writing is a fantastic creative outlet and is one of the most effective art forms for providing therapeutic benefits. Writing about how we are feeling is a useful way of helping our minds to process events and can even lead us to realizations that we otherwise would not have come to. No matter what you write, however, the benefits will still be there.

Writing is a global process that involves multiple different areas of the brain working in concert. Consequently, the act of writing exercises all these different regions of the brain at the same time, this in turn helps to form new connections between the different areas and can improve our ability to engage different areas simultaneously.

Relax and Do Something You Enjoy

It is important that you allow yourself the time to rest and relax between your studies. If you don’t then you are condemning yourself to a build up of stress and your academic performance may well suffer. It doesn’t matter what you do to relax, as long as it is providing you and your mind with a break from your study routine.

Studying for a college degree isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. While studying can be stressful, as long as you learn to manage yourself and your time efficiently then you will be able to succeed.

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