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Sukhi Over-Dyed Patchwork


I really needed a splash of color to my interior.
Do you know the feeling of missing something, called color? Well, I did and that’s where the search started.

Why a Sukhi Patchwork?

Let’s start at the very beginning…
The journey of over-dyed rugs began in Istanbul, Turkey during efforts to revitalize old hand woven rugs. Vintage rugs were first decolorized and then over-dyed. The mix of traditional designs with a contemporary effect became the celebration of chromatic compositions.

The More The Better

A major shift in new products is toward layered color and soft texture in carpet. A combination of texture and pattern will always be popular. And then I discovered something amazing! Sukhi. Sukhi patchwork rugs are meant to be fun and colorful.

Sukhi - Turkish Patchwork - The Good Rogue

It’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.

Sukhi - Turkish Patchwork - The Good Rogue Sukhi - Turkish Patchwork - The Good Rogue Sukhi - Turkish Patchwork - The Good Rogue Sukhi - Turkish Patchwork - The Good Rogue

What I like the most about the Sukhi rugs is that they’re made with passion and craftmanship. The rugs come directly with the makers of patchwork rugs in Turkey. The rugs are stitched together from different rug pieces, what results in a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. I was really doubting between the Beni Ouarain and the over-dyed Patchwork. For some reason, I often expect my first choice to be the optimal choice. So, welcome to my place Hatice. The Hatice Sukhi rug, is a over-dyed patchwork rug. It’s manufactured by hand and it’s made out of 65% Wool, 15% cotton and 20% goat hair.

Turquiose, Brown And Gold

Turquoise is not light blue, it is not teal (although it is a close cousin) and it is not aqua — it’s a mixture of light blue and green. Pair turquoise with a bright or warm white and you get instant beach. Pair it with an umber or mustard, and you evoke old Mexico. Put it with gold for immediate glamour.

Turquoise & Gold

If all-out glam is your goal, a combination of turquoise and gold is sure to have the desired impact. To me turquoise is the cheeriest blue in the spectrum, turquoise stands strong on its own and plays well with others.

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