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The Dutch Tulip Season

The Dutch Tulip Season has started and its already at its peak! I really love The Dutch Tulip Season. I am proud to be a Dutchie.

Sometimes we don’t see the beauty of our own country. But when the tulips are at their blooming period, WAUW!

The Dutch Tulip Season Is At Its Peak

Most of the tulip farms in Holland are located in the Northeast polder, in the province of Flevoland (where I live). TheNortheast polder was created when the Zuiderzee was reclaimed from the sea. Today this area is covered in flower bulb fields.

12,000 hectares of Dutch Tulip Bulbs

Holland’s Tulip Fields

The patchwork rainbow of Holland’s Tulip Fields is so amazing. A rich history colors this area as much as its brilliant tulip fields do.

When Is the Best Time to See the Flowers in Bloom?

While deciding how to get to the bulb region is entirely up to you, what you’ll find when you get there is entirely up to Mother Nature. I guess I was lucky to see them in Bloom. Lots of farmers ar working on the fields at the moment.

You ain’t much, if you ain’t Dutch

A bit of History, just because I am proud. Have you ever heard of the Tulip mania? Well, this was a period in the Dutch Golden Age during which contract prices for bulbs. Tulips became a luxury item and a status symbol. People were willing to pay vast sums of money for a single bulb and the prices rose constantly.

Dutch Tulip Season - Pink Tulips - The Good Rogue

Dutch Tulip Season - Pink Tulips - The Good Rogue Dutch Tulip Season - Pink Tulips - The Good Rogue

Dutch Tulip Season - Pink Tulips - The Good Rogue

These photos were made in Dronten. A small village surrounded by Dutch Tulips Fields.

I was wearing:

Zara: Shirt Dress

Mid-length shirt dress. Round neck. Long sleeves.


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